Grove City College Top Questions

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Grove City College is more like a community than any other school I've ever visited. It is a place that is filled with awesome students, all of whom seem to be incredible people, that learn culturally, socially, and spiritually relevant subjects in classrooms from teachers who genuinely care about each of their students' progress and immediate future. I looked at many other colleges and universities, but this school was the only one that felt like a home.


My school does not accept government funds and remains independent of the government. A strong emphasis is placed on liberty and the free market. This does not mean that my school is judgemental or unfriendly toward liberal students.


Grove City College is unique in that it is a smaller (about 2500 students), Christian college. It teaches from a Christian Worldview, so we learn the different perspectives of an issue, but through the eyes of professors and students with the same belief system. I appreciate how there is an emphasis on living and working honestly and with Christian morals both now and especially when we move on to our occupations in the future.


I would say that Grove City College, which is the school that I am attending, is harder academically than many schools inour country. It is also Christian school which is what i was looking for when picking a college. Many of my friends that i talk to who are attending other colleges or universities tell me that they are havng an easy time and not having to wok very hard. this is not the case for me because of the college that i chose to attend. But in the end the challenge will have benefited me.


Grove City is a Christian college, which does not neccessarily mean that the general disposition of the students is pristine. Stereotypically, Christian colleges are deemed to attract model students. Truthfully though, religion-affiliated colleges contain the same problems of public universities, even if to a lesser degree. However, the majority of students at Grove City College actually do live up to the popular stereotype of Christian college students, with behavior and discipline that any parent would be proud of.


Grove city is unique in that while it is a religious school, it also offers academics that compete with the best states schools there are. also grove city allows freedoms that many other provate and religious schools do not


It's a small campus and it provides a Christian atmosphere that I really enjoy. Additionally, they have a very strong academic program, which is balanced by many extra-cirricular activities that complete the college experience. The small size allows creates a very close-knit and intimate environment among the students, which is absolutely wonderful.


It combined high academics, a Christian atmosphere, with relatively low costs.


It is a orive Christian college that is comparably inexpensive to other private and even state schools. Their academics are hardcore, and they have some pretty awesome alumni networking.


Our school is unabashadly Christian. They are straightforward about their rules and values, and no student should be surprised when they come to Grove City.


Grove City College provides an amazing sense of community. The professors here really foster our learning, and most of them are pretty willing to help and extremely personable. The career service office at Grove City is among the best in the nation, and I know I'm at this school for a reason. It is an amazing value compared to most schools.


its like we live in a bubble


The absence of the party atmosphere is a big advantage. For those people interested in the party scene, there are always opportunities for it off-campus, but for those not interested in the party scene, there are hardly any temptations to get involved in it or any disruptions in the dorms as a result. Grove City's strict alcohol policies making it a more pleasant atmosphere for those not interested in partying, while those who are interested can find like-minded friends to party with them off-campus.


This school is smaller than many of the other schools that I considered (such as Wheaton College). This fact has had a large impact on my experience. Professors are able to invest in students more deeply than they would at a larger school--having students over for lunch, driving them to church, welcoming conversation during their office hours, etc. Also, Grove City has a strong focus on educating the whole person--not just the intellect. Classes are required that will impact the student's physical fitness, as well as their spiritual, emotional, and social well-being.