Grove City College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Grove City is a very tough school academically, so it is difficult to get good grades, but you learn a lot; since it it is not well known, however, the prestige associated with difficult schools is not there, so employees see only less than stellar grades.


For me being a music major, the most frusturating thing is only being able to practice and perform classical music at student and senior recitals. I understand how valuable that type of music is, but I know I could also benefit in music training in jazz, sacred, broadway, and so on. I assume that after I graudate, I will be playing little to no classical and I wish that I could get professional help from my professors and piano instructor in all types of music.


Scheduling is very stressful because the internet is slow and an entire class gets online at once to schedule classes.


The intervisitation rules. No members of the opposite sex in dorm rooms other than certain times on the weekend.


The most frustrating thing regarding Grove City College for me was the lack of diversity. I went to a high school in an inner-city, and Grove City College is the complete opposite. In high school, I could count on my hand the Caucasions, and it is the exact opposite at Grove City. I feel that many of the students are missing out on the culture and things you can learn from a college with much more diversity.


The most frusterating thing I have struggled with is the fact that the limit of credits a student can take without having to pay more is 17 credits, and each class is generally 3 which 17 is not a mulitple of, so it can be a little difficult to take all of the classes you want without having to pay more. The town surrounding doesn't have a LOT to offer, though what it does offer is good. Also the dining options are womewhat limited though still not terrible.


The most frusturating thing about Grove City College is the academic aspect. I am not considered to be a student that is blessed academically. Ihave my areas which I am smart and areas which im not so smart. I do not like how strong the emphasis is on academics, even though it can be good for some of the students. The students are pushed very hard to get the highest grades possible, which entails for the student to do work constantly.


To me, the most frustrating thing about the school is the fact that there are no graduate programs - I would definitely continue on at Grove City if I could.


The lack of racial diversity and I think the school would agree with me on that.


hard academics, too much pressure placed on it, very uneeded


We're a small school, but sometimes the adminstration tries to treat students like we're a huge university. Some professors (few and far between, but a few) share the large-school mentality and arne't willing to work with students when they have extensive medical problems.




Trying to balance the amount of school work with social and other activities.


It's a miserable place for students who don't fit in.


There are intervisitation rules that only allow girls in the boys dorms on weekends, which is annoying, but there are enough places to meet around campus, so it isn't unbearable. It is also in a small town, about an hour from Pittsburgh, so there aren't too many cultural oppourtunities.