Grove City College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To not be afraid to ask for help and to be humble enough to be mentored


I wish I had known how hard it is. When they say "rigorous academics," they mean it! However, I love the school and I am learning so much. It's just that the first semester is quite challenging. Even if you were in the top percentage of your class in high school, that's no guarentee for an easy ride or top ranking at Grove City. It would have been helpful to get a reminder that you can't always be the best, especially at a top-notch college like GCC.


I wish I would have been more aware of the fact that Grove City College does not accept or provide federal aid. Due to that, it has been a little more tedious to gather and organize the funds and finances to pay for my education. If I would have known what specifically I was to look at when looking for a college, especially in the financial aspect, as a prospective student, I would have more than likely started getting my finances in order much sooner. Other than that, my expectations and hopes for this college have certainly been met.


Although I had known this before coming to Grove City, I do wish I had taken more seriously into account that our school does not accept Federal Aid. Although this would not have changed by decision about attending this school, I realize now the need I have for scholarships to help pay for my tuition, especially during such difficult times, economically.


I wish I had known that college was going tobe much more challenging tha high school. Many students, including myself, practically take their senior year of high school off. That is not a good thing to do because you lose all the study habits and the work ethic that you once had. I wish i had buckled down my senior year because I would have been more used to the rigorous work load at Grove City College. But that will not stop me from succeeding in college and achieving good grades.


I wish I had known that I wanted to be a math major so I could have started off with that instead of wasting a year on business...


Can't think of any specifics.


i wish i had known how rigorous the academics would have been, so that i would have been better prepared for my first semester of school


I wish I had known that the difficult of the classes would mean that I would have a poor gpa, and lose my scholarship.


I wish I had known how academically rigorous it was going to be. I wish I had known about how much there was to be involved in on campus.


That I'd have to take out all private loans to pay for my education.


I wish I knew more about the financial situation. Grove City does not offer financial aid. Since the stock market crash, my family has been in poorer financial condition and I am going to be taking out loans. I'm afraid though that I might have to transfer, which is sad because I love this school so much. My first year was a hard transition academically, but I think I'm finally getting back on my feet, and I'm really learning so much. I love Grove City College.


I'm satisfied with this school, no regrets.


more information on the classes available to take; majors and minors that are available


A little more about the workload.


I wish i would have know how narrow-minded some of the people were before I came to this school. And maybe if i would have realized how rigorous the academics were beforehand, I would have went to another school and would have been able to get the same job by doing half the work and getting twice the GPA.


I wish I had known how focused some students are on campus about finding their future "mate." The idea of a "ring by spring" is truer than I had realized.