Guilford College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Guilford College is a breathe of fresh air, culturally diverse and family oriented.


Guilford College is a school that holds high academic standards but is also excepting of all students no matter who they are or where they have come from.


Guilford College is a very eclectic school that is very open to new ideas and promotes a great learning environment.


Guilford is a tight knit community, that balances rigorus academics, with personal exploration, creativity, and community outreach.


Guilford College is a fantastic school about which the following is true: the teachers are genuinely excited about the material they teach, classes are extremely small in size, the quality of academics trumps the quality of our sports teams, the students and faculty are very understanding and accepting of one another, regardless of their political views, sexual orientation, or religious affiliations, geese and squirrels are in abundance (as is goose poop), "going green" is actually happening, with a total of 200 solar panels installed on campus buildings, and obtaining a quality education (and self-growth) are the most valued ideals.


A quiet college where student give each other respect, and teachers are kind and helpful.


Liberal, writing intensive, academic focus, beautiful campus, small school with big school quality academics.


Guilford is truly a place for everyone, despite its liberal-hippie stigma.


Guilford is very liberal, does a wonderful job of teaching writing and analytical thinking skills, and students still have a lot of fun and help out their communities.


Guilford is an extremely hard school.


Getting Bigger and more mainstream every year.


A place to learn who you want to be and what you want to do.


Acedemically rigorous


Guilford is profoundly progressive and close minded at the same time.


Guilford is a place where community is strongly valued and a srong and diverse learning experience is striven for.


A small, liberal college that is very open to all people, and is a very accademically challenging place.