Guilford College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Liberal but very accepting of other students' views.


My classmates consists of a variety traditional and nontraditional students who work well together and are very accepting of each other.


A collection of true individuals, not affaid to show who they are on the inside.


My classmates are very productive in the classroom as far as interacting with the teacher and asking questions when they have them.


My classmates are not just my "classesmates" they are my family.


My classmates at Guilford college are very resourceful. They are environmentally conscious students who are interested in perserving our natural resources. The students are devoted to their studies and seem to be eager to help and support their fellow classmates to succeed. The students at Guilford are committed to the core values of the school and make a conscious effort to life the values of the school out day to day. The students are kind to one another.


My classmates are unique, amusing, intriguing, and some of them off-putting, but they all have taught me something - in one way or another - about society and what it is like to meet new people.


My classmates are into self expression whom many live for instant gratification as opposed to reaching for long term goals.


My classmates are intellectual engineers of change.


My classmates differ due to different lifestyles and ages, however I have learned a lot in each class environment.


My classmates are very smart, but veiws on different issues vary because of diversity.


Diverse yet generally united in that they value diversity.


Guilford students represent over 40 states and several foreign countries. come from all walks of life., are from both wealthy and poor families, represent numerous religions such as Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddist, atheists and Quakers. There are straigt students and gay and lesbian students. and twenty five percent of the students are athletes. Many are very liberal, but there are also conservative students and moderate students. The diversity of the students is great.


They are socially conscious, fun, and care alot about the world.


A bunch of hippies with some republicans hanging out on the fringes.


Socially conscious, academically oriented, liberal, lots of drug and alcohol use


Friendly people who want to see you succeed and will assist you to help make that possible.