Guilford College Top Questions

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When I first visited Guilford, I was impressed the relaxed atmosphere. The students I had a chance to talk to were all friendly and inviting, and the campus is lovely. There are giant trees towering over brick walkways, and I even saw a flock of geese wandering about. The programs had a focus on individual learning, with small class sizes and professors who were truely passionate about the subjects that they were teaching.


Guilford College is unique to the other schools that I have attended because of the atmosphere it provides for me. I was a transfer student and I really felt like Guilford helped me through the whole process with being a new student. Granted, I was playing on a school team so I was able to make friends through my teammates. I enjoy the fact that a good half of our campus pushes for more traditional values while the other half of our campus pushes for change. I feel that it is necessary for a college to be well balanced politically.


What's unique about Guilford in comparison to other schools I considered is that its class sizes are very small, about 25 people maximum. It's a very laid back environment which can work for or against anyone's interest. Professors are always happy to talk to you with their office doors open too so you're able to form a good relationship with them.


One thing that I say would be unique about Guilford's campus is that we are a very small private school. Students are on first name basis with their teachers. Classrooms are also not too big so you can have a lot of one-on-one with your teachers.


The classroom size is smaller than the others and the professors seem to really want you to succeed. The campus was prettier than the others and they cater to adult students, which is considered anyone over 24 years old.


Caring, compassionate students, faculty, and staff who are globally-aware and socially concerned. A diverse student body willing to unite and work together makes for a strong community and homey campus.


It has smaller classes combined with the liberal arts education which results in a great learning enviorment that allows you to discover the different fields of study and find yourself while becoming more fruitful within the learning-living community.


Quaker principles combined with a small campus make for a comfortable, accepting, embracing environment.


Guilford really supports uniqueness and individuality. There are so many different types of people that attend Guilford, that it seems like one giant melting pot. Most everyone is friendly and supportive and you truly feel like you're at home whenever you step on campus.


It is very small and out of place.


The reason that attracted me to Guilford was the Quaker spirt that sorrounds the whole community in one way or another. Also, Guilford is located on a lush forest and is relitively small- takes about 10 minutes at the most to walk from one side of campus to the other, great for those who wake up late before class starts. Also, the best thing about being a college student here is that you can wear whatever, roll out of bed in your pajamas because people look beyond than how one looks.


The Quakerism values.


QUAKERS!!! I love Quakers, Quaker values, my little zaney Quaker school. And the campus is beautiful, and probably about 60% of the reason why I chose it. Plus Guilford is known for its social activism. The volunteer fair is one of the biggest beginning-of-the-year events.


The school is small enough that it crates a geat community. Though you might not know everyones name, faces are very familiar. Most people seem willing to sit down and actually have a conversation. People are vey open to new ideas here and accepting of those ideas. The community is the best part about Guilford.