Guilford College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school would be someone looking to gain a broader perspective of the world and have their viewpoints challenged. They would be someone who likes to learn for the sake of learning (preferably in a small-group environment). They should be someone who likes writing and thinking analytically and having "stoner discussions".


Anyone who wants to be a part of a strong community and discover who they are and what they are interested in.


Some who is ready to be SERIOUS about studying, willing to commit to long hours of writing papers and doing research, and happy with who they are. You shouldn't be willing to be mediocre at this school...they demand high-quality work from everyone!


Guilford College is meant for people with big imaginations. It's a place for talent, passion, and creativitiy. Guilford provides a place for people to come together and collaborate on projects, debate issues, or even to discuss the weather. If you want to be engaged, challenged, and pushed out of your comfort zone, Guilford College is the place for you.


A person with an open mind who is willing to look at the world without judgement and state their opinion proudly while accepting others.


People who subscribe to liberal views are prevalent at Guilford. The communtiy is fairly close-knit, and when contreversy sparks it becomes even closer. Self-expression is very important, allowing for students to exhibit their life preferences in their dress and lifestyle choice without fear of being reprimanded. Different points of views are encouraged, though there is a prominent liberal bias. Regardless, there are ample venues for representation in the form of clubs and extracuricular activities.


Persons who are writing-oriented, open to new experiences, thinking critically, and feel comfortable with leftist-leanings will do well in this school. Someone who struggles with writing may not do well the first couple years and depending on his/her/zir major. A person who does not feel comfortable being around peoples of various races, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, communities, etc. may not enjoy or appreciate the Guilford community, though one can certainly thrive here as well. This school is good for those who prefer smaller class sizes and closer student-teacher relationships.


The school preaches diversity, so those with the "minority" view are encouraged. Conservative students are often viewed as stubborn. Christians are viewed as intolerant. Those coming to Guilford need to be prepared for a different experience than at most colleges but not easily deceived, but who are able to explore and decide for themselves what they believe.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who wants to receive a good education and be able to have a positive relationship with their professors and fellow classmates. The person would be one that the professors know who they are and can have a conversation about what they want with a professor whether it be academic or some other idea they wanted to discuss.


Anyone who would like to get to know interesting new people, learn about themselves through writing while maintaing a strict course load. Anyone who loves to have fun and work at the same time will have a great college experience here.


A enthusiastic person should attend this college.


Anyone wishing to complete a 4 year degree in a small class size format. The class size is great and condusive to discussion and greater understanding. One also gets more individual attention then at a bigger state run school.


Someone who wants to be challenged academically, politically, spiritually, and socially.


The kind of person who should attend Guilford College is someone who, above all, is honest and expects honesty from others as well. In addition, this person should be very ethical, compassionate and attentive to other people at the college and in their community. This person should be well respected and liked by others because of their good personality and reputation. Finally, this person should be an upstanding person and a good student who wants to keep a high GPA, earn their degree and obtain (or maintain) a good job in their chosen field.


Guilford College is a great academic institution for traditional age students (recent high school graduates), and also for those returning to get an undergraduate degree as adults. Guilford is a small school which allows professors and administrators the time and resources to truly get to know their students on a personal level as well as a professional level. Guilford is a wonderful school for students who value a nurturing and intimate environment, where each person's opinions are sought out and valued. The schools Quaker values enlighten and reinforce respect for all members of the community.


People who are very liberal and laid back.


Guilford is a great college for anyone who is looking for openminded, creative, energetic and a friendly community. It is a wonderful place for meeting different people, spending time around nature and a place where most faculty strive to achieve the best out of their students.


Anyone who has grown up feeling out of place because of their difference from other students (socially, religiously, financially, whatever), or even those who have been different but accepted (such as having attended a Quaker high school, since Guilford is a Quaker college). Also, that person must be a hard worker in academics, because Guilford is no joke in that regard.


Their is a large geek community. They are accepted and very often t he most popular students on campus.


If you're liberal, or you're conservative and you enjoy pissing off liberals but you overall get along with them. If you like to smoke pot. If you care about social activism. If you dig Quaker values: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality (The SPICE of live). If you like roaming around in the woods and being outdoors. If you don't mind being in a hellish mid-sized city (ppn. approximately 300,000). If you were a freak in high school and you want to find a place where you belong. If you're smart but not necessarily bookish.


Open minded, creative people that want more in life than just an education that will plant them in a high paying job.


Hippies, trust fund babies, creeps, awkward people, liberals,


Open minded individuals who are anxious to meet like minded people and be involved in their communities. Artistic people are numerous in the school, so you will feel at home if you like anything like playing, singing, paintin, acting, etc.