Guilford College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who doesn't like to engage themselves and see the world from various perspectives.


If you would describe yourself as a judgemental, self-centered person Guilford College is not for you. If your not the type who is willing to accept people for who they are and what they represent rather than what there sexuality may be then Guilford is not for you either. Guilford's not for someone who's unwilling to accept change as the campus is very diverse and offers people from all cultures. So as you can see if your judgemental or not willing to expand your horizions then Guilford is not the college of choice for you.


an extremely closed minded person who is unsure of where they stand with things.


A closed-minded individual who is not open to extreme differences. Also, anyone who is not willing to work extremely hard for every grade they get. Guilford is an intensive reading and writing school. It is not unusual for even a first year class to have a fifty pages of reading a night.


Someone who is closed minded or not one to get involved and interact with other students.


Someone who is close-minded


Guilford is not a place where we judge people we accept all kinds of students. Although Guilford doesnt judge people you kind of have to be alittle bit insane to come here. Not saying that we are crazy, psycho people but in a good way.


If you are truly interest in a liberal arts education that is supportive, Guilford is the right fir for you. Small class sizes provide the chance for one on one attention from professors; the first name basis also creates a level of engaging dialogue for ideas. Guilford is a great place for social, academic, and athletic balance. Greensboro itself also has many career opportunities for artist and those that want to become involved in community issues. If you seek to transform the world through diversity, equality, and community you'll find a way to at Guilford.


Students that are not legitamately ready to learn and step outside of their comfort zone. Students that are not teachable and do not believe that they can learn new material and study habits will struglle at Guilford College as well. Also, students that cannot speak their own mind and re-inforce their beliefs, morals, and values will need to learn how to immemiately in order to thrive in the classroom. Students that consider themselves as "anti-social" will also find themselves out of place in such a personal and close community with the students and faculty/staff.


Anyone with any kind of prejudice should not attend this school.


A person who is super-conservative, and will be easily offended by what the school supports, that is, secularism and liberal thinking may not find the school the best place.


Any one who is the slightest bit involved in politics that are republican. The liberal students at this school claim to "listen to all views" but if you ever disagree they will respond with comments like "You are so stupid and ignorant". If there is a fight between a white student and a minority, or a straight student and a gay student the school will automatically make statements on the local news station "hate crime". The school will not hear the full story or take into account that the fight could be completly irrelevant to the race, sexual orientation etc


I would not recommend this school for someone who is looking to be a part of a big campus. Also, if they want to be involved in greek life, there is no greek life here. This school is predominately white so honestly, students of other races and cultures may feel out of place here although this does not apply to everyone. This school is also very "tree huggish" so some people may be turned off by that as well.


Any person who is not willing to listen to other ideas or hear both sides of a story should not attend Guilford College. Anyone who is not willing to lessen their carbon foot print on earth or take part in trying to live a greener life. As well as anyone who is not determined to do the work and come to class willing to start or participate in an open discussion about the reading material from last night.


people who ar enot serious about school


Someone with a closed mind.


Well, if you don't like people of other races, ethnic or religious backgrounds, and you have no interest in understanding those people, you would be better served attending school somewhere else. Also, if you are intimidated by writing papers, this is a writing intensive school, you probably won't like the workloads.


Conservatives, those who aren't willing to loudly stand-up for their cause


It's a small school so outgoing nice people should attend. If you're looking for a somewhat alternative school this is a good option, and there are drugs on campus (mostly alcohol and marijuana) but you can have fun without it.. If you are into small class sizes and seminar versus lecture classes, i would recommend this school.


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