Guilford College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that it would be so difficult to get the last couple thousand dollars for financial aid due to state education cuts! I do wish it was a bit more exciting but I guess you have to actually be really engaged in campus activities to have some fun at Guilford.


I wish I would have sat down with someone before entering the school to discuss more about financial aid. Going to a private school has taken a lot of money out of myself and families pocket. I will be in debt for another fourty years.


A lot of times, students are unaware that Guilford College is a liberal arts school, which means there are several requirements you must fill other than the requirements solely for your major. I wish I had more knowledge on exactly what the general requirements were and also what score for specific AP tests were accepted to receieve the credit for that course.


I wish I had known meals plans were eventaully going to become a requirement.


Nothing really they orientate you and give you all that you need to make it.


Before attending Guilford, I wish I would have known more about the school, in general. I didn't know that it was a Quaker school or that it would cost so much to go there. I wish I would have known more about scholarship opportunities from the school and gotten a better look at the campus.


I believe I came to Guilford well prepared. I understood it is a writing intensive institution and I embraced this from the beginning, writing being one of my better areas. I do wish I had more of a grasp on my options outside of the classroom as far as departmental involvement, however, including volunteer opportunities in the area such as Special Olympics, animal shelters, tutoring, etc.


The atmosphere is currently sliding from a triditional liberal arts college, to having an intense athletic disposition, which may be compromising the school's integrity.


I wish I would have started earlier! I am a nontraditional student and waited until I was almost 30 to start college. I now have 3 children and can say that you must put aside plenty of work/study time so that you can do your best.


I wish I knew about the writing workload that professors regularly put on students immediately as a first-year. Additionally, I wish I knew how personal classtime would be between students and the professors. I also wish I had a better idea of Quakerism and the liberal values that comes along with this religion that shapes that school's character and foundation.


I wish I would have known how liberal the school was. I knew that it was a liberal school, but was unaware of just how liberal it actually was. I am a pretty conservative person concerning politics, religion, and morals/values, which actually makes me somewhat of a minority on campus!


I wish I would have known that Guilford was a writing intensive school.


more things about research papers


I wish I had known that you don't have to take chemistry before you can study physics. Otherwise, I think anyone can do well, no matter what you already know or what you don't know. - Provided you don't mind writing. So, I suppose it would have helped to know more ways to write a paper, i.e. APA, MLA, etc...


Guilford can be home, but only if your willing to put in the effort to get the process started- and college is much better when you have a family style support network


I wish I had been more informed about the world around me and the issues playing out in the local, national, and international arena.