Guilford College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the love and hospitality you recieve from the students and also the staff.


I feel that the Student to Teacher ratio is because students get the attention as oppose to a Big University. I have been to both a small and a big school and I can vouch to say that a small school is the best kind of atmosphere for me. Guilford College has allowed me to flourish in the classroom because I am not scared to talk to my teacher, and I dont have to talk to a TA to get my questions answered outside of class. I really feel that a small Student to Teacher allows students to have confidence.


I feel that the best thing about Guilford College is the care and support the professor give to their students. I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with lecture classes, so it is great to know that the professors have set office hours for you to go in and get help and/or have them go over what you missed/ did not understand in class. I also like the small class sizes. The classes are a 1:19, teacher/student ratio, which helps because it is easier to be proactive and get a say in the topic at hand.


The size of classes is smaller from the adults perspective. They also have classes with times that better fit adult learners and more options to choose from.


The best thing about Guilford College I think is that it teaches you how to think for yourself and to be able to formulate your own beliefs rather than telling you what to believe and what you should learn. It is a school with a strong emphasis on academics. It is also a writing intensive school you will defintely learn to be able to write what you think and feel on paper as well. It is a very challenging school academically but the students and the teachers are very down to earth people. The teachers have relationships with the students.


The friendly Knowledgable staff and their dedication to make sure you don't fail.


How at ease it is to talk to your professors and as a CCE student, blend right in.


Teachers are really helpful and dedicated to you getting good grades and succeeding


Guilford College is a small school with a beautiful campus filled with wonderful diverse people. It's easy to navigate, friendly, and has an asthetically pleasing atmosphere. The classes can be challenging, but by gaining this liberal arts education from Guilford the real world will seem less scary.


Diversity, equality, small classes, caring faculty


The best thing is the ability for people to meet other people with simliar interestes as them. Also, how knowledgeable the professors are (very).




The student diversity- students at Guilford tend to be from so many different backgrounds and all very accepting of others that are different. Because of that diversity, the religious and social acceptance of students is phenomenal.


The services available for the students with learning disabilities, because these services have allowed me to drastically improve my grades in comparison to my grades in high school.


The liberalness - anything goes, in essence. People are very non-judgemental, it my opinion. There's a bunch of very strange people here, all of whom get along fine.


wonderful people.


Guilford College lets the students be heard. When a problem arises, the students conduct a forum with faculty and staff. Problems are thought and spoken of carefully and all parties are considered. We switched dining service providers because students became aware of the ill-treatment of dining staff and political views of the service provider. As a Quaker school (with no pressure of religion), the value of equality is held highly.


the campus is amazing. it's so collegiate looking with the brick buildings, and the back of the campus has a fabulous lake and woods, which is the main hangout spot when it's nice out.