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Guilford Technical Community College

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Describe the students at your school.

the students at GTCC are very diverse. There are many students who interact with other students of different races, religions, etc... We have many students from other countries as well as states. Many of the students come from low-medium class families, however, they make everyone feel welcome and do not judge others based on this. recently we have the opportunity to host Barack Obama at our YMCA for a speech and many students showed up for this. This showed that even us as students are and want to be involved because it affects our education and future.

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GTCC is pretty diverse. There's mostly poor students and some who are middle class. Most of the students are from Greensboro or the surrounding areas of the Triad, so not a lot of out of state students go to GTCC.

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My classmates can be described as both energetic and enthusiastic.

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