Guilford Technical Community College Top Questions

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Before deciding to attend Guilford Technical Community College, I had considered going to Forsyth Technical Community College. After asking several people who attended GTCC and FTCC about each of their nursing programs, I heard that GTCC has a pretty successful nursing program. I decided to attend GTCC not only because of hearing about how well the nursing program is, but because a lot of students that went to my high school are attending FTCC. I really wanted to meet new people so that is also why i chose GTCC instead of FTCC.


The diversity of age is the most unique thing about community colleges. The interesting thing is that some professors are younger than the students they teach. Our professors make the school and its environment relaxed and comfortable. You learn so much about real world competition and being the best you can be from young professional adults. Guilford Technical Community College professors are on the cutting edge of technology.


What's unique about my school is that though it is a community college, it is a very large one with multiple campuses. This allows a greater variety of classes and also more flexibility of schedule. My school is also one of the only community colleges on the East coast that has its own observatory for the Astronomy department.