Guilford Technical Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The flexibility is definitely a plus. Don't get me wrong though, online classes aren't for everyone, but the moodle site that GTCC uses is feasible to use and each teach can customize and edit in their own personal style. That helps me quite a lot so as to not confuse any class. I also love the in-person classes although they do fill up quickly so my suggestion, as always is to plan ahead so that you stay on top of the game. They also offer the on-campus book store with competitive pricing and accept financial aid.


What I would consider the best thing about my school, is that the instructors teach really well. This is my second semester at GTCC and I have not found a teacher that couldn't teach well. I also think that the curriculum is taught thoroughly and not just thrown out there for us to figure out by ourselves.


The professors at Guilford Technical Community Collge are the best because they care about each student. They work closely to achieve an ideal outcome. They prepare you for the workforce by intergrating a curriculum that fits all professions. They have a diverse teaching style and present material to be grasp by different learners. They are available to answer most questions or direct you where to go. We have personal relationships yet professional, so when we have problems it is comfortable to talk about and correct immediately. The diverse social environment serves to increase your knowledge of culture, networking and friendships.