Gulf Coast State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school im attending, Gulf Coast community College is known for our athelete teams such as the lady comidors traveing outta l state earning state championships ,its also known for our theature programs and such academic programs and not to metion being a common college in the state of florida with high ratings for graduating students.


GCCC is best know for it's virsitility and accessability. The classes are all offered at various times allowing everyone from a highschool graduate to a working mother who is seeking a higher education.


I would say that Gulf Coast Community College is best known for two things. One is to prepare a student to transfer to a University for completion of a Bachelor's degree or higher. The other thing is the flexibility of class scheduling. Classes are available at one of four campus locations in the county. There is also a large number of courses that are either available online or for weekend study. They definately cater to the students!