Gulf Coast State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


To me personaly, the scholl lacks discipline. I believe, discipline development is important for a peson's future, especially when one is looking for a job. In some classes, but not all, I've observed students playing on the phone, walking around the class while teacher is lecturing, leaving before the class ends, eating during the class, etc.; and teachers did not respond to that. On my opinion, it is important to learn to follow rules before learning to break them. Overall, discipline can be very helpful in life.


The worst thing at Gulf Coast is the small parking area, students cannot run late because a few minutes turns into fifteen or thirty.


I love Gulf Coast State College. I am very happy with my choice of school. I am in small size classes taught by professional professors who are always willing to help. I do not know any worst thing about this college. I would only recomment this college as a perfect place to start one's education.


It is very demanding.


The bathrooms are the worse thing about my school. Because they remind me of my middle school bathrooms. Just gross, dirty, and smelly. We are all adults. Lets act like it since we are now in college.


The group assignments always put students in a situation where some members carry more of the load than others but all receive same grade


The worst thing about my school is.... There is no worst thing about my school, at least I have not nticed anything as of yet. This school is completely flexible in the fact that it works around your schedule. They offer help to students who are haveing problems and they have advisors on hand in case one my need help to a question that is hard to phrase. I love Gulf Coast Community College.


I cant really think of anything back but it I had to choose the worse thing about the school that would have to be more online classes. I am doing all of my courses online due to me being a full time employee and a full time single parent. The majority of the course for my degree are online but there are other courses that can be added. Other than that GCCC is a wonderful school. Great Teachers!


Some teachers are too strict about eating, drinking, and attendance.