Gustavus Adolphus College Top Questions

Describe the students at Gustavus Adolphus College.


Classmates are very friendly, helpful, supportive and encouraging when with other students, as well as they strive to see everyone succeed.


They are like bedrock in a mine most of it is rubble but every once in a while you find a few gemstones.


My classmates are engaged learners who want to discuss their ideas and listen to everyone else's.


For the most part, classmates are generally friendly, cooperative, and hard working; and they are also willing to work together in study groups to help each other succeed.


My classmates are all great people. Everyone here is a really great team player and you can exepect everyone to carry their fair weight in group projects. In addition all the students are very friendly, non-judgemental, and open to new ideas.


Gusties are extraordinarily and famously friendly.


My classmates tend to be very studious and try their best to succeed in and out of the classroom.


Since this is a harder school to get into most of my classmates value their academics more than anything. For the most part, they take their classes very seriously. The discussions in class are much more in-depth than they were in high school because my classmates and I are all some of the smartest kids from our high schools. It is nice to be around people who take their learning seriously.


My classmates are very dedicated to their academic work, but still are actively engaged in the strong social life on campus.


Hard partiers or academics all have hearts of gold.