Gustavus Adolphus College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Gustavus Adolphus College?


MOTIVATED! OPEN MINDED! SINCERE! HONEST! These are just a few of the terms that I can come up with from the top of my head in answer to the question "what type of person should attend this school". A few others: LIFE LOVER, a person who possesses,INTEGRITY, CONFIDENT, SELFLESS, SMART, HARD WORKING, MATURE, SOLID, STRONG, TALENTED,GIFTED, COMMITTED, and AWESOME. What I think is more important to answer is "who shoud NOT attend Gustavus..." do NOT even apply to Gustavus unless you are ready to work hard and accept EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY to improve yourself and EXPAND your mind.


This is a good school for students who are prepared to work hard. Classes involve a lot of homework and students need to be prepared. This is not a good school for slackers and people who just want to party. There are opportunities available for those who do want to party, but if you're not interested in that there is no pressure to attend parties. Alcohol and drug-free housing sections are available. Gustavus students are very accepting of everyone.


Gustavus students in general come from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. Although all the students are very different we all have one common goal; we strive for excellence and have fun doing it. Most students take their studies very seriously, strive to be the best, are self motivated and outgoing. Gustavus is a very challenging school so you must expect a lot more homework and heavy schedules throughout the school year.


If you're interested in social justice, environmental concerns, and issues of peace there is a place for you here. If you're interested in an engaging but low-pressure learning community there is a place for you here. Ambition never overrides kindness here. Whether you like a big party with lots of friends, or an intimate and deep conversation, Gustavus is a great place to find both. Ambition never overrides kindness here.


A person who is applying to Gustavus Adolphus College can be anyone who is determined. Gustavus is a very challenging yet fun college. People with many different personalities and preferences, will easily find a place at Gustavus. Although Gustavus can be a fun college, one who plans to apply there must also be a hard worker since there are many challenging courses that are offered. In order to enhance the positive atmosphere at Gustavus, a person with an open, ready to learn mind, would be more welcomed into the school community.


No school is a perfect fit for everybody and Gustavus is no different because although Gustavus certainly a warm and welcoming place, certin persons would enjoy a Gustavus expereince more than others. If a prospecitve student is looking for a liberal arts college that offers small class sizes along with ample opportunities to interact with their professors then Gustavus would be a great academic fit. However, there are aspects of Gustavus that may not appeal to everyone as its size and small town location may not be as appealing to some as a larger university in a large city would.


Someone driven. Anyone who has a general idea of how they want their life to go at least in what major direction. This is not a college built for undergraduate exploration, this is a college for setting goals and meeting them. You will achieve excellence and you will be happy but if you have no endgame Gustavus is not your school. We have great advisors who will guide you on your path and will make sure you don't lose your way, but if you haven't already started blazing the trail you may want to rethink your decision.


Anyone who values school, education, and a liberal arts education.


Someone who enjoys close relationships with their friends and working relatively hard. You have to be dedicated to your work once you get into the upper level courses, but you can still explore other interests. Also, be sure to apply for every scholarship you are eligible for if your family can't afford this school because it is worth the effort. It doesn't take an upper income student (or even a middle income student) to be able to afford it if you be proactive and apply.


Someone who is willing to put in time and effort to their studies, but wants to be involved with things outside of class as well.