Gustavus Adolphus College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Gustavus Adolphus College?


A person that isn't motivated and doesn't want to work hard and learn to be involved in the school and community should not attend this school. Gustavus promotes volunteering and the classes tend to be challenging classes that get you thinking and force you to think outside the box to apply knowledge in projects, presentations, papers and discussions. Someone who doesn't want a well rounded education that prepares you to work hard shouldn't go to school here.


A person who requires the "city-life" and countless of strangers surrounding them throughout college will not be suited for Gustavus. It's difficult to imagine that someone would dislike it here, but it does happen occasionally. The main reason that people transfer, though very few do, is because of the small class sizes and relatively small size of the student body in comparison to universities.


I believe that someone who is looking for a large student body in a more urban setting would not enjoy attending Gustavus. Being a small and very close-knit community in the somewhat isolated town of Saint Peter, this kind of person would not flourish in this environment. I also think that someone who is close-minded and unwilling to be accepting of others would not be an adequate fit for this school because of the close, family-like relationship the student body, teachers and staff share.


Students at Gustavus get involved in many activities: athletics, service, research, and many other opportunities. If a student is not looking to be involved in their college community and become truly invested in their college experience, they should not attend Gustavus Adolphus College. The faculty, alumni, and other students become a family at Gustavus, and they look for ways to give back to Gustavus and the surrounding community. A person who is not willing to participate in activities focused on getting involved and giving back will feel very left out because it is such a big part of this campus.


People not willing to work hard. This is a pretty difficult school and if you are not willing to put your all into your school work, then it is just a big waste of money.


Students that didn't take high school seriously.


Anyone who likes living in a city, or wants a big school with large lecture classes.


Someone who doesn't take their work seriously. You will probably fail. If you are committed, though, but are just having a hard time with the material, professors are more than willing to work with you or help you with any difficulties you're having.


Someone who should expect to work hard- it's not easy. Someone who wants to get to know their professors and not be afraid to speak up!


Anyone who isn't open to different learning experiences, doesn't want to be challenged, and expects not to work. Also those who are not friendly and don't like to engage with others.