Gwinnett Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I don't know much yet about the college life but I do know alot about what comes next. I can offer you sound advice on why you need to complete college at all costs. I come from a family that no one, so far, has graduated college. My parents did not stress the importance of an education or the impact that the lack of education would have on the rest of my life. No one ever encouraged me to go to college. No one had money to offer assisitance. College was intimidating! I viewed the lives of my family as “good enough” so I did not feel like it was necessary; an easy cop out. Now, I struggle on a regular basis with feelings of inadequacy because of not going to college. Obviously, my finances are a struggle as well. I am constantly reminded that skipping the college step in life was clearly the poorest decision I made socially and economically. When my peers reminisce on their college days, I have nothing to offer to the conversation. It makes me feel rather uncomfortable and again, inadequate. Don't make the same mistake!


I am a single mother with two children, one being a newborn. Since the newborn arrived, I have been forced to take my classes online. I have big goals for me and my children; After I obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, I would like to have my own business. I know in order to make these goals a reality, it will take much studying in school so i can obtain my degree. I understand based on my circumstances, it will take a lot of sacrifices in order to reach my goals. I've been in college for a while now because my first language is Spanish. I've been working on making my English better so I can perform better in college. My parents went through school but they never received a degree. So for my children, I want to be an example to show them how important it is to get a good education, so they can have a successful life.


My college experience has taught me that simple participating is not enough. I must excel. I must learn to lead and help others along the way. It's been my experience that it seems like no one wants to step up to the plate. Many people are comfortable being led and lurking in the shadows of life. My attitude is to break out of that comfort zone. To lead the charge toward the goal of excellence and to seek out and encourage other to do the same. We are called for a purpose and that purpose does not include excuses or blaming others for our past struggles and experiences. Everyone makes mistakes but we are people of character and we must rise up from our downfalls, no longer carrying the burden of the past, to confidently and boldly move our lives forward and capture our destiny. We owe this effort to ourselves, our families and our Creator. We not only should accomplish this task before us , we have a responsibility to do so. The future of our country and our world is at stake.


I would tell myself to: ?work harder ?don?t settle for an B or C strive for an A always ?start searching and applying for scholarship ASAP ?engage yourself in activities that would look good on your college application oFor Example Sports Leadership programs AP classes Cheese Band Community Service always looks good ?Don?t focus on one school apply to more than one school ?Starting saving NOW as soon as your old enough to get a job ?Research the school that you?re interested in so you can be fully prepared with your academics ?Charm your teachers you?ll be needing a recommendation


First off, I would sit myself down and say ?Jerrell you have to be focused". When you go off to college, your high school friends are not going to be there. It is a new chapter in your life and you will have to sacrifice things in your life. Great opportunities will become available to you and you will want to take advantage of them. New friends, will enter your life so just be yourself and not who you think people want you to be. Always prepare challenge and take pride in your work. Be Headstrong, steadfast and remember the values your mother thought you.


If I could go back in time when I was in high school to tell myself advice for college, I would tell myself to not worry so much about what other people tell me to do, remember that college is completely different than high school, and to keep focus on why I?m really going to college. It is easy to get caught up in what other people are trying to tell me to do but I have to remember that I am going to college for myself, therefore must go for what I know I want to. The transition from high school to college is different, so one must be prepared and open to how things change. When classes get hard in college, one needs to remember to keep your eye on what the main goal is, to get the degree desired. To not get caught up thinking one class is too hard and get discouraged is key.


If I had the chance to speak with myself as a high school student I would have plenty of advice to give myself. The first one would be education is everything! Without it you will not get that far in life. Relationships will come later on in life. Concentrate on yourself right now; you are the only thing that is important. I would also advise myself to go to a 4 year college and live on campus. I would advise myself to find a program of study that interest myself but yet could also be linked with others; in case the major study did not work out. And last but not least, keeping myself healthy is very important. If I would have at age 31 I would have had Breast Cancer, health in my high school years and on would have been very important.


If I could go back in time to my senior year and give advice to myself, in regards to what college would be like. I would begin by telling myself that college is not what it is like on TV. College is all about the finding and harnessing of someone?s self determination and drive to succeed in an environment that is nothing like what they have experienced before. It makes a student focus and choose exactly what they want in life, so that they have to fight and strive in order to achieve it. I would also give myself advice in regard to the notion that problems will arise while I?m at school and I have to be the one to take care of these problems because in the real world as well as in college a student cannot always rely on others to fix their problems. However it is true that with most school related problems the faculty and staff can help in the resolution of them. Yet with any advice I would myself the key point I would push through out all others is to have fun in school, and to study what I truly like.


The advice that I would give myself would be to not be so serious all the time because things do not work out like you planned. I would tell myself it is okay to have a little fun sometimes and being accepted is not only in the application process in school but also, accepting how you feel about yourself and what your goals are in life. Most importantly, I would tell myself that being upset with others about telling you how to make your choices and just follow what is best for you, because you will eventually get what you want how you want it and be happy.


I am 42 years old and going back to college. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would say "don't settle for 2 year degree, go and get your 4 year degree." I would also tell myself to try to get a double major so that I would options if I were to get unemployed. I would also tell myself, "Don't worry about your parents paying for your education, you can handle that yourself." My advice about transistion into college would be that the hard part getting into college is making the decision to go, but don't assume you know everything because you won't. Take one day at a time and try your best and your reward will be the day you will have your degree and no one can take that from you. Go for it.


Self; Knowing what I know now you should have gone to college and stuck with it. You would be in a better place. If you would have followed the plan you would have finished law school and become a great lawyer. Slow down and take your time because it will go by quickly. There are no regrets but time is of the essence and you can do anything. Finish college and get the education you need in order to have a better more successful life.


I would tell myself that i should take the extra science class even though is wasn't required. I would say take computer hardware engineering first than automotive technology. Other than that i believe i did well graduated with a dual seal and honor roll. I'm happy about the way i finished my senior year in high school.


"Excuse me sir, is your name Justin Duchatellier?" asked the young man. "Who wants to know?" answered the frustrated boy. "I am you in three years, now stop being rude and listen..." "Your near future is being determined by the actions you are making at this moment. First thing first what are your extracurricular activities?" As the younger self attempted to fabricate a lie the older boy interrupted him. "This proves my point. You have few activites outside of work and school, lack motivation, your grades are short of mediocre, and are not people friendly. If you want to succeed in life, listen close." "Start out by volunteering doing something you enjoy! Much help is needed at various locations. Put the game controller down and pick up a book. Nobody wants to work for someone who does not know what they are doing nor employ one. Therefore I suggest you gain work experience in your dream career. Feed your body with healthy foods so your outward image reflects your inner being. Finally, listen more carefully to what your elders have to say. Saying this, I will see you in three years!" Reflecting on this, Justin had something to work for.


I wish I took the time to do more volunteer work and extracurricular activites afterschool. This opens a lot of doors for students not to pursue. I also should've spent more time with a counselor and at the schools career center. I would have made wiser decisions once I graduated.


Well I would tell my self that time wits for no one and before you know it you will be 30 even though that seems like far away. I would say that there is all the time in the world for fun when you are done with school and a good education is like having food to eat , you need it to survive. You must have a plan and a way to acheive it and surround yourself with people who have goals. The feeling of new found independence is great but be careful not to over indulge in partying and freedom as that same freedom can land you living in your parents basement at 30. Be wise, have fun breath, and enjoy every moment even the late night study session, migraines and hard earned C's.


Your education is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Don't waste the opportunity. There are many things you will be tempted to do with your time and money, but none of them will give you the potential for success that an education will. When you step foot on your college campus, determine, right then, that you will finish what you start. Get to know your professors. They are teachers for a reason. They like their subject, they care about students, and they are paid to help you learn. Find other like-minded students who have similar interests, classes, and study habits, and help each other stay focused. Use the campus library, labs, and tutoring options, and don't fall into poor habits of trying to study with the TV on, or the stereo blasting. You really do need to find yourself a quiet place, conducive to learning. And, most important for your success in class, stay caught up with all assignments by being disciplined with your time, setting aside and guarding the necessary study time. Fun is great, and friends are awesome, but if they get in the way of your education, you'll regret it.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would say that going to college is not an optional path. In order to succeed in life, you need a college education and as tired of school as you are during your senior year, the world is harder to navigate than academic life. Do not convince yourself that you will take a year off and go back to college later. It is far more difficult to go back than to continue.


If I was back into high school again and there was someone that was going to give me adivse about college I would want it to be someone that makes me want to go to school. I am not far from getting out of college i mean it has been almost 10 yrs but i can still rememeber how i just wanted to get out and go to college and be on my own. Life outside college is not fun. it is very hard and in todays society if you do not have a college education you better be prepared to either live with mom and da forever or living on the streets poor and no money. Life may seem like its a fun way to live and you have freedom but freedom comes with responsiablities and those are not handed out for free everyone has to be responsible. Making the choice to go to college is the smartest thing any one can make and make sure that you finish before deciding on any other plan in life. Take college all the way it will pay off in the end and life for you and the family will be easier.


I would tell myself to volunteer. Spend time in your community so you can get a feel for what you want to do with your life. It may not be clear to you then, but i guarantee it will later. I would also tell myself to visit colleges and universities! You may think that you like a college, but when you get there it is way different than you assumed.