Hagerstown Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Hagerstown CC is best known for their motto "Stay close, go far." The school offers a great launch pad for students preparing to transfer to a four year school as well as several certification programs right in Washington county. Boasting a diverse student body representing multiple ages and nationalities, HCC is a microcosm in Western Maryland.


Many students come to Hagerstown Community College for their athletics programs on athletic scholarships and then transfer to a four year university to finish out their degrees. Also, HCC has an excellent nursing program set in place for those who wish to obtain an RN.


Hagerstown Community College is best known for encouraging students to take advantage of all possible resources including information reguarding financial aid, extra curricular activities and events, as well as help with courses such as tutors. In each building there is a Learning Center for that perticular building that allows students to take advantage of tutoring opportunities and also work with each other while completing homework, or studying for classes.


Hagerstown Community College is probably best known for being close to home where you can study a wide variety of degrees.