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Greek life is important. Go greek. Just do it. Currently there are eleven frats, and as far as I am concerned two sororities (ATX and PBX). It's not too difficult to get a bid to a frat so long as you show interest. Most of the frats revolve around a particular sports team, and I believe that every guy ends up in the right society with out giving much effort to rush. It's more competitive and different for girls.. all I have to add for them is there is an A in ATX and a B in PBX for a reason.


overall, hamilton is the epitome of work hard play hard. classes arent easy, but theyre enlightening. our motto is "know thyself" because hamilton is a place to go if you want to discover and/or embrace who are truly are. we have a strong alumni network because the four years that are spent here are unforgettable. hamilton is a school that fosters self-discovery and overall knowledge as well as effective communication. it's a school that sets you up for the life you want after graduation without focusing solely on the time after graduation and not the time leading up to it.


The emphasis on writing and writing well. Also, some programs are especially strong (such as Chinese), so it helps to know what general area you are looking to major in.


This school is small and located in an even smaller town! All of the other schools to which I applied were in big cities.


I think one of the best aspects of Hamilton is that rarely can we find much to complain about except the weather. Anyone who doesn't believe me should visit and talk to our students.


very community oriented


It doesn't have a core curriculum allowing students to experiment and take courses they really enjoy. There are requirements for your major. Students are encouraged to study abroad. Classes are small. There are two dinning halls and a dinner. Their is food for all taste. The staff is extremely friendly. Many professors have an outside relationship with students. Some professors are life long mentors. Alumni have a say in school policy and donate accordingly. The library has many resources including databases and amazing knowledgeable staff.


no requirements


We have a TON of school spirit!!!


Hamilton College truly is a community. The small size of the student body coupled with a tight knit homey campus allows everyone to form life long bonds. Professors, adminstrators, and school employees add to this community feel. Everyone is friendly and willing to help students with any problem they may have. Hamilton also provided a great deal of academic freedom and flexibility. There are no core course requirements, so one is trulyable to focus on what interests them. Professors are eager to listen to student ideas, and more than willing to aid them in their intellectual pursuits.


It would be dumb for me to say, "I love Hamilton and you will too!" I do love Hamilton, but I think I was just very lucky in that I found a perfect-fitting college for myself. There are plenty of things that other people might not like about Hamilton: the vicious winter months, the small size of the school, the underwhelming diversity on campus.


Pretty much I just graduated from Hamilton and I cannot believe I will not be going back there. Driving up the hill gives me the feeling in my stomach like I am finally home. Life after Hamilton has been very good because I have many connections and my friends and I have kept quite close, but if I had the chance to do another year there I would in a heart beat. Anyone who gets in to Hamilton and doesn't go is missing out on what could have been the best four years of their life so far.


I love Hamilton?


The biggest complaint from girls AND guys is that the dating scene isn't any good. its not that no one wants to be in a relationship-- in fact, most people from both sexes do-- it's just that with all the scrutiny that comes with a small campus, it's hard to keep everything separate or private. It's a lot of fun having classes in rooms with fireplaces and wood floors.


Hamilton is the place I've always dreamed of. I never thought there would be a place where I could just feel I belonged. College is a microcosm of the real world, and if the real world is anything like Hamilton, I can't wait to get there.


Anyone would be lucky to go here, but you have to be a self starter and intellectually curious. You can't sit back and let others dictate; Its a place for innovators, gutsy, talented individuals.


From what I hear, Bundy Dorm Hall is the Ephitamy of the whole Hamilton drinks too much mentality. Do not ever go to Bundy sober, especially druing parties. That is party central and I don't ever want to step foot on that place based on the stories I hear about it. Even though I hear the parties are fun, I have a feeling sober people like me may not have fun.


We work hard and play hard!!!!!!!!!!!!


Overall, Hamilton College is a vibrant, engaging community with active, motivated students.




Nothing left to say.


Hamilton is a great school and underrated in the rankings! I am very happy to be here, but tuition is way too high! It is worth it though, I love Hamilton.


It is a wonderful school with LOTS of really interesting people from different walks of life. If you know who to talk to, you'll learn so much about yourself and life in general. I love Hamilton!


Choosing Hamilton was the best decision I ever made.


It's a cliche, but work hard, play hard


Hamilton is an amazing school if you have the courage to take a risk and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.


If you're the kind of person who likes to control where they eat, where they live, all those little things that go into controlling your life, Hamilton can make you feel claustrophobic. It's hard to get off campus, it's impossible to get off the meal plan, most people live on campus... you can't escape.


Campus Safety is pretty useless and takes forever to get on a scene. I feel safe on this campus not because of them, just because I don't really think there's a threat of anything serious happening to me.


Hamilton is a great place to be. It was not my first choice school, but I cannot imagine being happier anywhere else!


This school has given an excellent education and many amazing memories. It helped me realize my dream of going to medical school, which I will attend next fall.


The entire student body hates the president and actually boos her at college events, so what, at least we care.


I love Hamilton. i love it in the way that you grow to love something you have committed to, through thick and thin. And I think that is a realistic way to experience college, not an idealistic one.


I took a class on the Adirondacks last fall and we got to take a weekend "field-trip" to an alumnus's luxurious house in the mountains. Sometimes having involved alumni and professors willing to have a slumber party with students is THE BEST!


Overall, Hamilton is a great school and I believe I chose the right school, but I want to go to a bigger grad school.


Make sure Hamilton is the right place for you before you decide to come here. Many students are very excited to come here but are unhappy here after about the first month.


Hamilton has a ton of money lying around that it wants to give to you - you just have to find it. There are resources here that most students aren't even aware of. All you need to do is find them. There are things to do ranging from sitting around reading books to watching movies to dancing to singing to drinking, and everything in between. Just do what you want, and it will be ok.


Hamilton College is a place where dreams come true, as long as those dreams involve Keystone, all-nighters, and making eighty to a hundred grand a year within two years of graduation.


We work here, then we party here, and the only downside is the financial cost that we do both of those at.


I love the Dark Side and plan to live on it for all four years, but damn is it ugly.


hamilton is a great campus. the students are a litte clique-y, for sure.


It's a great school.


Hmmm. Despite all my gripes and complaints about insignificant things that go on here, I love Hamilton and I wouldn't have changed a thing about my college experience.


Honestly, I've hated my experience here. I was told that so many people go to church and are interested in their faith and there are so many good people here - well, where are they? I'm not a psycho-hyper-Christian, but there are literally 20 people in Chapel every week. Twenty. Or less. For a 1800 person campus. That's awful. No one cares about anyone else unless it's to jump on the bandwagon of, "Let's complain about the army going into Iraq, but then tell them that they need to go into Darfur instead!" I'm not saying that that's not an important topic, but does anyone else see the hypocrisy? I don't feel comfortable speaking out about my religion, my views on race or ethnicity, or my political beliefs or morals, because the few times that I tried to, I was shot down, made fun of, or basically harassed by my professors. I was sexually molested by my BEST FRIEND January of my freshman year, and to be honest, I think that that entire situation sums up how Hamilton is. Did my other friends stop interacting with him afterwards? Did they bond around me and tell me that we were going to go to the Administration and discuss this? No. They continued to be friends with him and even hung out with him behind my back. THIS is the attitude of the students here. THIS is the attitude of the faculty here. THIS IS WHY I HATE THIS SCHOOL AND I WILL NEVER GIVE ANY SORT OF TIME, ENERGY, OR MONEY BACK TO IT IN THE FUTURE.


Overall, Hamilton is a really fun, close place that provides an unforgettable academic and social experience that cannot be replaced.


Hamilton should definitely be ranked higher than 17 on the US News & World Report.


As much as I love Hamilton, the drug problem is appalling. Cocaine? Are you kidding? At Hamilton you get a slap on the wrist for that shit ... in the real world, you get locked up. Hamilton does such a good job preparing its students for life in some ways, but in others ... the institution turns a blind eye. I have a dear friend who graduated a few years ago who is struggling with a cocaine addiction that she developed at Hamilton and it makes me sad to think that no one could or would crack down on her while she was here.


Hamilton is a lot of fun but be prepared to work hard.


Even though I might have said some negative things about Hamilton, it's still a great school. It has it's downfalls, but because it's such a small community you make great friends and manage to always have a good time.


Great acedemics. Great social scene. And the men's tennis team is absolutely gorgeous.


great school. i love it.