Hamilton College Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


One of my favorite days on campus was last fall when we brought Janelle Monae to campus for a concert. I signed up with Campus Activities Board to help organize and set up for the concert. We woke up early to help move in all of her equipment and to help set up the dressing rooms. Some of us went to the grocery to buy snacks and drinks that Janelle and her band requested. So many people came to see the concert--it was an awesome time and felt super rewarding to have helped out. At the end, the students who helped all day got to stick around to meet Janelle Monae and we took a group picture. It's really cool how collaborative all the events on campus us, whether it be planning, booking artists, or setting up for events. All students are involved and have a say in what happens up on the hill.

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