Hamilton College Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


Professors at Hamilton are invested in getting to know students on a personal level. Every teacher I had so far was friendly, helpful, passionate about his/her field of study, available, and easily approachable. Teachers at Hamilton definitely inspire us to love learning and to become curious about different areas of academics that we had no idea existed! Within the first week or two of classes, all of my professors know my name and make an effort to get to know me (a lot of teachers will ask students to come to open office hours within the first weeks of classes just to introduce themselves in a more intimate setting than in the classroom). Professors are always inviting students over for dinner, or offering to drive us to the grocery store downtown, if we don't have cars on campus. I think, overall, that the professors at Hamilton are a huge part of the success of students--not just academically, but also at building strong relationships and making connections with others.

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