Hamilton College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It costs a lot of money. My parents are paying some and I am paying some and it is difficult even though Hamilton is giving us some grants.


The worst thing about Hamilton College is the attitude the place seems to get during the harshest part of the winter. People stay indoors, do their work and don't move around much. I prefer to see people outdoors, socializing and having fun. The cold, long winter, sometimes stops that a bit. However, it allows students to get their work done. Once it gets sunny people seem to be outside all the time, but that may be because we have that winter.


Nothing...it's great.


Ugly girls.




The worst thing about Hamilton is the overreliance on alumni opinion. Because we have such a large endowment, often times older, conservative alumni make decisions because they give money. They are great people and do great things for the campus and students, but at times they are a little out of touch with the current campus climate.


Sometimes the "preppy" contingent gets a bit overwhelming. Also, the school places a lot of focus lately on athletics. Sometimes it seems as if academics or extracurriculars are placed aside for good athletes, in regards to admission.


Honestly, there is nothing about Hamilton that I would change. I had a fantastic experience there, and only wish college was longer than four years.


Hamilton's fraternity scene, because it excludes many students who want to participate and creates impenetrable social circles on campus. When fraternites are associated with sports teams, athletes are alienated from their teammates if they are not in the same fraternity.