Hamilton College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Hamilton is way smaller than my high school, yet somehow I am always meeting plenty of new people.


The people(students and faculty) make Hamilton so incredible. Profs actually care how you are doing both academicly and as a person. If you are making an effort in their classes they will look out for you. These relationships are just as prevolent among the student body. Upperclassmen didn't treat me like a "freshman." From the first day on I was a college student, just like everyone else...there was barely any distingishing of age. The school is a bit small...but big enough to avoid a crazy ex-girlfriend or something comparable (If things exist). Most people have heard of Hamilton and are impressed if they're familiar with the liberal arts schools. However, one guy was really confused when I told him...Hamilton college? Oh it was named after that president right?


The best thing about Hamilton is the open curriculum. There are no specific classes that you are required to take, only a few petty academic requirements that are easily fulfilled. However, once you begin classes, you have only one week to register for a new class if you decide to drop one. I would like this one week "shopping period" to increase to a two week period. Hamilton's size (around 1700 students) is just right for me. I went to a public high school that was substantially smaller, so it felt like a larger community when I first stepped onto campus. When I say I go to Hamilton, many people say something like, "Oh, isn't that in Minnesota?" It is nice living in a college town (Princeton) where people are educated about the different colleges that are out there, otherwise that type of response would be all that I'd hear. People who are familiar with the school, however, know of its excellence. Clinton, in stark contrast to Princeton, is lacking in many aspects of your typical college town (variety of restaurants, a Starbucks, different banking options, movie theatre, etc.) It's main fault is its distance from campus: 30 minute walk there, a 45 minute walk uphill back to campus. Frequently, students complain about the disparity throughout the on campus housing offered at Hamilton. Housing can range from loud, dirty dorms in bad locations to regular "Taj mahal" dorms located near everything important.


I love the friendliness of the community. I wish people would be proud of our mascot (The Continental - A Soldier). I like my school's size, a little bigger would be fine, a little smaller would not. Most people say that that's really cool. If it happens to be an alum, they are so enthusiastic, but with good reason - its a great place. I spend a great deal of time in the science center (3 science classes and 2 labs), the pool (I'm a swimmer), and my dorm. We have a streaking team and that's pretty cool.


The best thing about Hamilton is walking down Martin's Way. A day doesn't pass that you walk down the path and fail to see someone you know. After, say, a long day of class, there's nothing better than a quick hello or conversation in transition between classes. So on a similar note, I'd say the college is just the right size. You can't name every person on campus but generally speaking you recognize everyone and can feel comfortable waving at any given person. If there was one thing I would change, I would hope for a stronger connection between the town of Clinton and the actual college itself. I'd say the "Hill" that we refer to as Hamilton is in fact more than a geographical barrier; there is not much mixing between the town and college. But all in all I know that years from now I will have nothing but good to say about my time at Hamilton.


Collectively, we are a laid back group of preppy kids. We are not as Frat like compared to schools like Colgate. Everyone has a sense of pride in the school. There is a distinct clash between the light and dark sides that is a challenge to overcome. Hamilton succeeds in allowing everyone to have their own fun. There is little dialog between the administration and the student body. Overall, the diversity of our thoughts do not shine through in our social lives but rather in the complexities of our academic classes.


Hamilton is a small tight knight community. Students are ready to support one another and on average are very friendly and outgoing. If I could change one thing I would off more doubles, quads, and group living arrangements, since they always seem to be the firs things to go in the housing lottery. Upon telling the average person I go to Hamilton, they have never heard of it. When I got in and told my teachers they were all very excited and knew of Hamilton's writing reputation. I spend most of my time divided between the classroom, practice, and library. There is a town...kind of, but with in 20 minutes there is a decent mall, movies, chain restaurants and department stores. I haven't really gotten to know the administration. A freshman girl got hit by a car in the cross walk. It happened on her way to a mourning class. Fan will come out a cheer for the big home games. For diffrent teams diffrent groups of students will cheer/dress up/show up/paint themselves/and many other thing to try and get Hamilton riled up.


The best thing about Hamilton is the number of amazingly well-rounded, grounded, and happy people who I've met here. I've made friends that will last me a lifetime, and Hamilton's small size creates a homey feeling. When I leave Hamilton, I know I'm going home...but I also know that when I come back, I'll be home too. I only wish Hamilton had better name recognition- it's a great school on par with almost any other small, liberal arts school on the east coast, just no one hears about it. The Science Center is a great place to hang out and study, with lots of private rooms overlooking the valleys of upstate New York, a cafe that serves great coffee as well as chocolate chip cookies, and computer labs.


Hamilton has a phenomenal faculty. They are always available for students whether it be for extra help, an independent study, or a coffee break. Faculty consistently go above and beyond to ensure every student is happy academically. The facilities are fantastic, and the food is amazing. Not many college students in upstate NY get made to order sushi and pasta stirfry every day and the all you can eat policy is golden. Downers: Hamilton is tiny, everyone knows everyones business (or thinks they do) and by the time I reached Senior year I was dying to meet some new people. There is a frustrating sense of entitlement on campus; students who think they deserve (grades, internships, job offers, travel opportunities) just because they are them rather than earning it. Clinton is cute. That's about all you can say about it. You can enjoy a trip to the local cider mill or bistro but don't expect much else. There is a constant duel between the two local bars and aside from the fact they are our locals there is nothing special about them.


-Best thing about Hamilton: I have made some awesome friends, and the teachers (and ALUMNI!) really do care about us individually, as long as we put in the effort to get to know them. -One thing i would change: To have a bigger community atmosphere...there is a lot of extracurricular clubs and activities going on, but not a whole lot take advantage of them and I wish everyone would. -My school can be too small sometimes....you pass the same faces on the way to class, a lot of people will find out about your personal business w/hookups and dating. -Most people know hamilton by name, and they think it is a good school. -Spend most of my time on campus...basically everywhere...my room, friend's room, commons dining hall, the diner, the gym, etc. etc...the campus is very accessible and you can find a friend in every corner (and some corners where you can just be alone). -what college town? the people in clinton either love us or hate us...they can't live w/out us because we support many of their small businesses, but we can also be a typical drunk college kid peeing on their lawns and such...since we are on a hill we tend to stay away from the clintonians for the most part...there is a big rivalry between the "townies" (clinton kids our age/high schoolers)--they like to come up to party but usually start fights or act sketchy -unusual: there is a streaking team...and it's pretty well organized...enough said. -one experience i will always remember (or parts of it): class and charter day. the last day of classes everyone wakes up really early to party and celebrate the last day of school basically. everyone dresses up (it's also always beautiful out), there is a cookout on the main quad, and then live music at g-road, some upperclassmen apartments down the street. it is by far one of the best party days/nights at hamilton.


The best thing about Hamilton would have to be the interesting professor you come across from time to time. Last semester I had a history professor that I really enjoyed and this semester I am taking a geology course and I think the professor is great. If I had to change something I would probably change the size and location of Hamilton. With a maximum of two thousand people and an isolated campus it feels way too much like high school. I have had friends tell me that they feel like they are in boarding school all over again, because its really almost the same thing. Especially as a freshman when you are not allowed to have a car. Most people from Atlanta have no idea that Hamilton exists and is actually a good school. Most of my time is spent on campus and in my dorm. Clinton is not anything like any college town I have ever been to. There is no downtown scene and nothing that comes with the stereotypical college town. I feel like I am missing out at times. I don't have much of an opinion about Hamilton's administration. They seem fair and concerned about the students' needs. I can't really remeber too many controversies. The last one that was anything more than high school drama was when racial remarks were written on someone's car. No, there is next to no school pride. At least that is what I have found. None of our atheletic teams are very good, so I can't blame anyone for not showing school pride. I think there may have been more people at my high school's football games than at Hamilton's games. The streaking team is pretty unusual. I don't think I have had any unforgetable experiences at Hamilton. The most frequent complaints are about the size and location of Hamilton.