Hamilton College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who doesn't want to work hard, or experience new people and new things. The work is intense, so unless you are willing to put a good deal of time into your classes, you shouldn't come here. Students from across the U.S. attend and it is a great opportunity if you like to meet new people; if you do not, then this isn't the place. Also, people who want a big campus (population) shouldn't come here.


Someone who is lazy and does not want to do any work.


Negative minded, and sluggish people who can't work hard.


In order to attend this college a student must be well motivated to succeed in the classroom and willing to become involved in campus activities, clubs, and sports teams. The majority of the student body is made up of white kids from strong socio-economic backgrounds.


College football (or any other D1 sport) fans, people who want to be anonymous and have privacy, people who don't like over zealous campus safety officers disrupting and harrassing polite students acting completely within the law and school rules. Campus safety throughout my four years was constantly and unneccessarily harassing students for no good reason. It's college, and the campus safety dept needs to focus less on college kids acting like college kids, and focus more on protecting the campus (cars freqently broken into and vandalised).


A person who is not an 'activity' person. Everyone is involved in something on campus.


This isn't a school for people who don't want to work for their success. The work you put in will correlate to the success you attain. Also, the school is not very handicap accessible. Most of the historic buildings don't have elevators. Oh, and no air conditioning either, but that's not really an issue since it doesn't normally require it.