Hamilton College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Hamilton is the open-ness and friendliness of the Hamilton community. I have met so many awesome people and been involved in such awesome initiatives during my time at Hamilton. I know have friends from across the USA and the world and love the ideas and perspectives they bring to the table. The professors are accomodating and the vibe is just awesome.


I love knowing everyone as I walk around campus.


The sense of community. Whether you know the person you are passing on the sidewalk or not, you are going to acknowledge them and they are going to acknowledge you.


The people--from students to faculty to administration, everyone here is just extremely friendly and helpful.


The people.


The availaibility and interaction with all of the faculty not just professors. People at Hamilton are willing to put others needs in front of their own. It is micro-chosm of a real life community. I believe the social networking that takes place at Hamilton is second to none, especially between alumni and current students. It is also nice to attend a school with a very large endowment.


Best thing is the kids. Everyone is really nice and friendly.


The best things about Hamilton is probably the opportunities and learning environment the school provides. There are numerous opportunities for reseach positions and fellowships. Class discussion, critical reading, and learning to write are key aspects of the Hamilton academic experience. Teachers are engaging, and students are friendly. Hamilton is great!


The poeple are all very friendly and accepting. All parties are open to the whole student population and nobody is ever refused. Students are supportive of classmates and willing to help each other succeed socially and academically.