Hamline University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Hamline is the oldest college in Minnesota and hosted the world's first intercollegiate basketball game. Hamline is a place where diversity is something to strive for. Any race, gender, or religion is welcomed with open arms. Hamline has over 50 areas of study and a plethora of intermurals and clubs one can be involved with. Hamline is a small, private college where one can feel seperated from the crowded business of the cities.


My scholl is best known for its excellent education and reputation which it is often referred to as the Midwest Harvard.


Best known for having a good hockey team and being very GLBT friendly.


Hamline has a good acadimic program, they are 9th in the region. Their classes are interesting and challenging, giving students a push. Also Hamline has a good track team, Hamline holds many of the High school state track meets.


for being liberal, small, community-based, the first college in Minnesota,


High concentration of women, liberal, artsy, our law school, expensive, and being small.


Oldest school in Minnesota.


Hamline pushes the fact they are the oldest university in Minnesota and how they are expanding. They also focus on showing how diverse they think they are. While being quite diverse, they are not nearly diverse as they think. They should puch the diversity concept some more while working to better/rebuild some of the services that enrolled students rely on.


Hamline University is best known for legal department and law school and academic record.


Hamline is best known, especially in the Midwest, as being a "good" but expensive school, with high academic standards, and a slightly cliquy cloisteredness; Hamline is also probably very well known for the level of volunteerism and social justice work promoted by students and administration alike.