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More than the other schools I considered, Hamline University largely has a very modern and liberal atmosphere. This is not to say that there are not substantial numbers of conservatives, or that different perspectives are not listened to and respected. Rather, everything feels like it’s feeding back into exploring the social justice issues of past and present, and being able to engage with that both inside and outside the classroom is a great experience.


They really care. They ask about your college search and see where else you are interested in. They also give you great advice that is helpful to all colleges you are applying to, from how to write an essay to deciding where you want to go. It is also very friendly and people know a large percentage of students on campus. The professors are also very involved on campus outside of the classroom.


When Hamline boasts of their diverse student body, they aren't exaggerating in the slightest. I've seen a great deal of racial/ethnic groups and sexual identities manifest on this campus, and it provides for a wider array of perspectives both in the classroom and in social settings.


It's in the city but when on campus its doesn't feel that way. And very supportive of the GLBT communitty.


It offers a forensic science certificate which I have not found at any other school.


It is a very small and diverse school that really cares about its students. In some of my classes there have been as few as 8 people! There are less than 2,000 undergraduate students, so if you're looking for a personal experience, you've found it. All my professors know my name. Since you're in downtown St Paul, every store you can imagine is within reach. The most defining factor for me was the amazing financial aid office. They did everything possible to help me afford Hamline. You won't get this elsewhere.


It's close to home, but far enough away, and the cities are 10 minutes away


Nothing at all


Hamline has solid academics and importantly good scholarship packages. Don't expect it to be the most amazing place in the world. You will get a good education and while the school isn't rich they do a decent job helping students with connections/internships etc.


Hamline has a small-town feel while being placed in a larger city. Minneapolis is a short bus ride away and the campus community felt more like home, with small groups of close friends and recognizing almost everyone you meet on campus.


It's small and in the middle of the Cities so it's a small community feel in the big city.


It's a breeding ground for tree huggers.


Hamline is a fairly small school class sized average 30 or so.


It's a very relaxed campus, and provides good financial aid for those who need it.