Hamline University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


In general, class sizes at Hamline are small and participation is valued. Professors get to know you and notice when you aren't doing your best work and will encourage you and help you to improve. While at Hamline I studied Political Science, History, Art History, and Conflict Studies, however one of my favorite classes I took was offered by the Anthropology department. We got to do an archaeological dig on campus- which is cool since we are the oldest school in Minnesota- so there neat things to find! I got to do a project at the end of the semester identifying the maker and era of pieces of china we found.I love that Hamline is a liberal arts college that encourages you to take classes outside your main area of study so that you can discover fun, interesting classes you may have missed otherwise.


The profs are awesome at Hamline. However, the administration can make it a little difficult when dealing with degree issues etc. I feel that this is true of most post-secondary institutions however.