Hamline University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only thing that I would consider being the worst thing about Hamline University is its lack of integration into Hamline life for transfer students. Hamline gives all the attention to first year students and tends to forget about transfer students.


The cafeteria food was terrible. Nice facility but gross food.


I think the worst thing about my school is, because the school is so small, it feels like high school. The clics are obvious, and it is kinda hard to connect with people at first.


The financial aid process. My ACT was better than my GPA as far as the amount of the award I could recieve. I went to a prep school that was tougher than many of my college classes so my GPA was lower than it is in college. I've been on the dean list every semester but don't get more money because of my high school grades.


The worst thing about Hamline? I can give a simple, blatant answer: the cost! College is expensive, and realizing that the one I chose was going to cost me about $150 thousand over the course of my undergrad education was not a pleasant sensation. Despite scholarships, I'm still responsible for a hefty portion of my tuition, housing, and other expenses, and tacking on student loans is a sickening, though inevitable, feeling.


The worst thing about my school is an individualistic attitude, strong emphasis is placed on the individual. School spirit is a little lacking and attendance at campus events is generally a little lower than I would prefer. Opportunities for social and campus involvement are available, they're just not always taken advantage of as much as I feel they deserve to be.


The diversity "trainings" never really felt right, since graduating I have participated in much more friendly and informative trainings, that worked less divisively. On campus housing isn't great, but definately improved in my time there and continues to change positively.


The weather. It's cold in MN!


It is pretty small and I do wish there were more extra activities and jobs.


Probably the homework load. I know it is important to get the most education for your money but it's very hard to balance the homework load for 3 classes, depending on the classes you take of course. The financial aid department is not always speedy when it comes to letting you know how much you still need to pay so you have to rush to get your loans in on time.


there are clicks and a lot of badmouthing from students faculty and administration


The fact that the tuition is so high because it is a private and the only accessible outlet is student loans.


I honestly have little to complain about: security, academics, the social atmosphere, etcetera do not need drastic improvement. My biggest complaint is about the food and the food plans. If you want to enjoy the convenience of living on campus, you have no choice but buy a meal plan, whether you can tolerate the food or not--and most people really dislike our food. There aren't many options for vegetarians, and no options for vegans. Furthermore, the general consensus is that the food tastes bad, and the hours for the cafeteria are very inconvenient.