Hamline University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I enjoyed going to Hamline! It is similar to any liberal arts school, but the size and location are fantastic. The school is small, so your class sizes are small and your professors know you well. You also get to know a lot of your fellow students and can easily find someone you know if you go to eat alone or study in the library. The campus itself is also compact, so you can roll out of bed 5 minutes before class and still get there on time! The classes are challenging but the professors and library provide you with a lot of support if you ask for it. Hamline's location is urban but situated in a residential area, so the surroundings are some kind of cool, old family houses, but you can easily hop on public transit to go to a wide variety of places in the twin cities.


Hamline is a pretty standard liberal arts college. Its location in the middle of the twin cities provides for many opportunities that would otherwise be missed by going to a more rural school. However, students have to be willing to take the initiative because the school admin tends to be more campus oriented. As with all liberal arts school it is expensive if you don't know what you want to do or at least what your major is going to be. Hamline does a good job of getting students out in 4 years (education being the exception at 4.5).