Hamline University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who are intelligent and driven to gain even more knowledge are the type of people that should attend Hamline. People who want a good education and also be involved in athletics and the arts would be content at Hamline. Anyone who is looking for a place to be themselves can find safe harbor here. Hamline is for people who are accepting of others across the entire racial, gender, sexuality, and religious spectrum.


Any person. It is a very open and accepting school. They do not discriminate and are always open to new students and new ideas.


Someone who is open to diversity and looking for a good education.


Those who are liberal and open to new things.


The type of person that should attend this school should be open-minded, willing to put a lot of effort into their academics, and to be able to hang out with any student or faculty member.


Someone who was into cliques in high school. Individual diversity, though encouraged, is rare. Those trying to be different turn out the same, the sports individuals are clones of each others personalities.


Someone who is driven, and full of ambition, likes to get to know the professors and build relations with them. Not someone who is in it for the college experience.


Anyone that wants to they accept everyone here.


Hamline is on the brink of either a new Golden Age or a some sort of collapse. Hamline is best for an individual that is self motivated and already has some inkling of who they are and where they would like to go.


someone who wants more individualized attention from teachers because classes are smaller, so if you aren't going to attend classes regularly you will be in trouble because it is easily noticed when you aren't there, whether they take attendance or not.


someone who is school orientated because the classes do require a lot of time. Not for the student who needs night classes because the campus is too small to accomodate everyone. Someone who likes small class settings and really good teachers who know first hand about their subjects. It is definitely expensive but in the end the degree and the experience is worth it. They also have a huge job placement program after college and they do offer financial aide assistence.


It's hard to pick a personality that my school fits best, but anyone who feels comfortable being recognized by their professors, friends, and classmates as they stroll across campus will love Hamline--it's impossible to hide here. The small size is great for those seeking student leadership opportunities, and at the same time, it helps shy students learn to break out of their shell and develop their own leadership potential. The only requirement is a high level of maturity as a small school can adopt the dynamics of a small town or high school; where words can harm.