Hamline University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It has a good education, but it could have more majors and more activities.


It is very difficult to develop friendships if you don't immediately get extremely involved in your first year. There is also a good portion of students who are going to the school only because of athletic scholarship, and they don't really care about anything else at all.


the night programming


The most frustrating thing about Hamline is the Hamline plan, though well intentioned it is poorly executed. The run around involved is hardly worth the effort put forth.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not put a lot of money or effort into athletics. The sports are under-funded compared to other universities in our region.




How much it costs to go there.


Our President. I don't think she properly represents the atmosphere of this school and manages our budget poorly. We need a new student center but instead the university bought a new mansion for her. I don't think the university listens to students' needs as often as they should.


The homework load, most definitely. Also, the amount of extreme liberals (democrats).


Some of my classmates don't care about going to school for class. Some also don't understand that some of us are paying a lot for this educations on our own that they are just taking for granted.


The worst thing is amount of canibus inhailing hippies in the class room and at the head of the class.


Because the school is small news travels fast. It is almost like high school in this way, but not as dramatic. But at Hamluine everyone knows everyone, and their business, which can cause issues, but I do feel that the benefits on having a small school outweight the consequences


Hamline University suffers from a fundamental problem in that it does not really try to provide activities college students would like. There is no campus community, and most social events that gather large groups of students togeather involve large quantities of alcohol. Other issues involve that the campus needs to stop teaching people to get upset over small shit. A few racial issues arose during my years at Hamline, involving protests and people using race as an issue. CHILL OUT PEOPLE! Some ignorant football players dressed in black face...you should educate them on why it was wrong.


How much tuition costs.


some of the classes aren't accomodating to different schedules. it is frustrating to have to shuffle your classes around work but it becomes managable.