Hamline University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Hamline Univeristy is its atmosphere. It is a great learning environment with knowledgable and friendly staff and students. After just the first day, I felt like Hamline was my home. All in all, Hamline is a great place to grow both academically and socially.


The community. Everyone is very accepting, open, and welcoming.


The best thing about my school is that it is one of the only colleges in the state of which I live in that offers the majore I am wanting to presue. I plan on going into Forensic Science and Hamline University offors a certificat program. Afterwords, I will be able to go onto graduate school to further persue my career.


The best thing about Hamline is how small it is. All the professors know your name. You recognize almost everyone. Financial aid can work with you personally. Everything is a much more personal experience where you feel like you are really being cared for.


I'm transferring into Hamline University this semester from Concordia College, a choice I made due to a few (ahem) irreconcirable differences with Concordia. Thus far, my favorite aspect of Hamline is its blissfully welcoming environment. When I contacted the Admissions Office concerning my plausible transfer, I was immediately met with assurances of assistance with the process, interest in why I was looking at Hamline and why I didn't wish to stay at Concordia, complete willingness and efficiency in answering my many many questions, and even name recognition from applying the previous year. That, to me, is vitally important.


The best thing about my school is the apparent willingness of the faculty to engage in discussion centered around the wants, needs, desires, and aspirations of the students, and their efforts to help students achieve those goals are rigorous. Unbelievable academic opportunities are available here, and a student who is willing to seek out those opportunities can achieve anything, and find aid and advice on how to accomplish any fathomable goal.


Our dorms have so much mold. The worst part is the Heights have no ventilation, no windows. Welcome to Freshman dorms--they're not so fresh. But you should get used to the moldy forest that they promise to touch only 20 years from now by tearing them down. They want to make more money and wont replace shower curtains with the mold growing more than an inch off of it. The environment is the worst I've been in. I was a Girl Scout but I don't think anything could prepare me for this disaster center.


the community


The responsive and cooperative faculty.


The opportunities to get involved in the community and develop and pursue personal interests


The small class sizes -- it's easy to meet people and get assistance from professors. It also makes the courses more discussion-based.


The best thing about Hamline is also the worst characteristic of Hamline are the people. Through the interactions I have had with so many diverse individuals I have become a better human being and a well rounded scholar. Unfornately, because the school is private liberal university and the top in its state, many in-state students often bring apathetic attitudes and try to do as little as possible to be a part of the world around them.


The Best thing about the school is its reputation. The school also has been better then my frist choices about first aid. While the first aid Is'nt phenominal, its better than the other schools i looked at.


Although everything social surrounded alcohol, as it would for most college students anyway, it was a very fun experience if you can connect with a few students. I joined a couple of student organizations and got involved and that helped me make friends, plus we all went drinking.