Hampshire College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A school where students are encouraged to wander to the edges of their conscious mind, sometimes even into the unconscious, to discover their true selves and what they desire to learn without the input of any outside forces.


The architecture is, in a word, hideous. The 70s were an unfortunate decade for architecture, and it shows. Most of the freshman live in these two massive dorms with tiny hallways and ladybug/ant infestation problems. The most fortunate live in a little suburban-esque cluster of upper-classmen apartments; there is also an urban looking apartment complex that isn't bad. That said, woe betide anyone who lives in Greenwich, a series of octagon shaped apartment buildings that were built to be "semi-permanent" in the 70s. They are infested with mold. All of that said, the actual scenery is beautiful, with gorgeous mountains and fields and woods. It can look a bit dreary in the winter, though.


Wonderfulm exuberant, creative, nurturing, and glorious - alas quite expensive.


Totally awesome despite the smelly hippies


Fails to deliver on its promises of a well-rounded, personal-interest guided education.


Short library tour