Hampshire College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Hampshire is best known for the fact that students can create their own major and study whatever they want. It is also known for its student body's drug use, which I think has decreased over the years.


It is a small, free-thinking liberal arts school located in the Pioneer Valley. It is part of the pioneer valley's five college consortium. The classes are generally small and group-discussion based. There is a non-traditional grading system where professors write evaluations rather than give traditional grades.


creative hippy types who make counter culture music, smoke pot and do unusual academic and artistic projects.


There is a very open program here. We are able to develop our own educational system by picking our own classes and eventually creating our own project that will help us get out into the "real world." We have evaluations that critique our work instead of grades which just give a letter/number.


Weed smoking, and other hippy type activitys.


Film/video/photography program, neuroscience, visual arts, computer science/animation, creative writing, social sciences.