Hampshire College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


We've got a bunch of crazy liberal students.


hampshire is a haven for pot-smoking and acid-taking hippies with huge dreadlocks. hampshire has no structure. hampshire is alternative.


That everyone uses drugs and/or drinks a lot.


Hippies or hipsters, liberal, radical, progressive, druggies,


That they are either stoned slacker hipsters or highly motivated individual learners, with no middle ground. Many students spend their first year as the first, then transition quickly to the second.


Pot smoking hippies, smart but disorganized and somewhat uncleanly. Really into any activist movement, some times unnecessarily so. Really liberal. White and wealthy. The other category from high school.


People don't shower, lots of smoking marijuana, we're all hippes


That we smoke pot all the time while complaining about The Man.


We all smoke tons of weed, we don't do work or go to class, we all drop out after the first year, are all politically correct and activists, we all respect everyone else no matter of race, sexuality, gender or class.