Hampshire College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who should go to Hampshire should definitely care about social justice and be a selfless person, in my opinion. A lot of the classes have some form of involvement of social justice issues like women's right's, black power, queer movements, etc, in some way or another. In some classes social justice is big and in others they aren't. But it is always encouraged to be a selfless person who considers others in their work, who wants to do better not only for themselves but for the better of their community.


Someone who is self-motivated and passionate about...well, something/anything. At Hampshire you just need to be interested in what you're studying and focused and you'll do well. It also really helps if you are good at talking to professors.


A person who is self motivated and can strive to claim what they desire out of their educational experience. Students at my college form there own major and create a contact to accomplish that, therefore it is important for students to go out and get what they want.


Someone who wants to learn more than just what's in the book and who wants to take that knowledge and put it into practice for every class. Someone who can work independantly and be creative with course work and assignments (there is a lot of independant work required and the more you can put into in, the more you will get out of it). Those who has many interests and maybe can't choose just one will be the happiest: you are not restricted by a traditional major; you integrate many subjects into a concentration.


Liberal, interested in Theatre, Environmental Sciences or Cognitive Sciences, and must be very open minded.


Someone with strong convictions will do just fine here, no matter their politics. This place is extremely liberal. Everyone is "open" to everything...except when something is too "conservative." This is a great place to be if you're not political, because everyone thinks they are political. Rise above the bullshit, and you'll have a blast.


self-driven, ambitious people who are comfortable with themselves and their viewpoints.