Hampton University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were all so different. Despite attending a HBCU, students came from extremely diverse backgrounds. There were students from all across Europe, Africa and the United States. There were musicians, dancers and poets. My classmates were an incredible pool optimism, talent, and new ideas. Every classroom was full of innovative thinkers ready to take over the world. My classmates provided four years of incredible inspiration. Today my HU classmates are doctors, lawyers, advocates for the voiceless, film directors, business leaders and most importantly friends that I hold very dear.


friendly and cheerful energetic


Members of my class at Hampton University are motivated, hard-working and driven young professionals who seek the best from their education.


Most are cooperative and focused, some do not care.


Everyone at Hampton University is very friendly and the Professors are always willing to go the extra mile to help you.


when ask to discribe my classmates I would have say that they are extremly educated, goal orientated, and full of school pride.


My classmates are social, unique, and vibrant.


I went to school with some of the most talented students who I knew were destined for greatness. Many of my peers prepared for their careers while in college. Grammy Award winning song writer Christopher Henderson set up his first music studio while we were still in college. Charles Wilson prepared for a political career when he ran and won for the office of class president during our entire college career. Keisha Gilchrist and I earned the same scholarship to attend Hampton, but she has gone the distance with her financial contribution. She currently owns three fully-operational businesses.


Even though many of my classmates are judgemental of how you dress, they are friendly and easy to get along with.


One word to describe my classmates would be united.


I would describe my classmates as a very diverse group of people from different walks of life.


Although Hampton University is a HBCU, it is still very diversed in other aspects other than race.


Their friendly and hard-working students.


My classmates are very proud of their accompishments and have been very actve on campus with a desire to succeed.


Dear prospective, Student never give up always go for your goals and over come the obstacales that may apper in your way. Always do your best and go for what you want because nothing will be given to you.


My classmates are diverse.


Hampton University students are well rounded individuals who strive to be successful.


My classmates are very interesting people. Many of them are very materialistic, and very different from me, however i tend to connect and become friends with everyone I meet, because I am just that type of person. My classmates can be very supportive, very caring, and hardworking in classes.


My classmates are studious, and determined students, who are trying their hardest to earn a degree, and make something of themselves.


My classmates are refereshing and interesting.


The students at Hampton University are willing to help eachother in anyway possible.


They are music-loving, fashion-oriented, partiers that understand the need for a good education and are able to get up from a night of socializing to attend an early morning class.


My classmates are lively full of energy and goal oriented


My classmates are very interesting to say the least.


My classmates are actually smart, even though they have busy social lives, but they've seemed to accomplish a balance.


my classmates vary based on who I'm around; i've found lifelong friends and some people who i really don't care about. also some people are still stuck in high school


My classmates are extremely driven and are great to work with; many share the same view as I do, and aspire to do well in school as well as after they graduate from Hampton University.


A group of unique individuals from various backgrounds that are usually enthusiastic, friendly and willing to help others who ask.


my classmates seems to be very engaged in class, mainly because they do not wish to repeat the course.


Classmates are very friendly.


The students at Hampton are among the best and the brightest in the world because we pride ourselves in excelling beyond even the highest of expectations.


My classmates are friendly and moderatly competative.




My classmates were helpful!


At Hampton, my classmates put as much effort into their school work as they put into being the most fashionable to class; needless to say we are known for our fashion and education.


Worried about what other people think too much, and so into fashion and image.


Multi-faceted group of students from diverse backgrounds.


My classmates are social butterflies, and are serious about succeeding.

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