Hanover College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Intellectualism pervades every aspect of Hanover, from the classroom to the social scene.


My classmates are small-town people with a mind-set that this area represents most of the world they will see in life.


My classmates are diverse, dependable students who are eager to learn and excited about life.


My classmates are genuine, intelligent, insightful, hard-working, and amiable. The professors here tend to initiate a relaxing atmosphere for class which helps students feel at ease and feel able to easily communicate their ideas without being intimidated by their peers or the professor. Professors and peers actually esteem students more for expressing their own insights and ideas in class time. Most classes here are discussion-based and require students to express their opinions.


My classmates are generally white, middle class young people from the Midwest, who work hard academically but also enjoy their college experience.


There are a lot of cookie cutter students with some originals that make it worthwile.


They are all very unique in their personalities, but we are all similar because we chose this very small college as our home.


My classmates were dedicated, entertaining, and unique in their pursuit of knowlege.