Hanover College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it lets you dabble in various fields to help further your unerstanding of yourself as a person.


I love that my school has a small campus


Small classes mean students have lots of opportunities to discuss what they have read and learn from the professors.


The best thing: the relationships you can foster with your professors and fellow, like-minded students (whoever they are). You'll get what you give.


Because it is so small, the students become a very close-knit community. This has its negatives as well, but the end result is a group of friends who truly care about one-another.


Certainly the wonderful people, my friends, students and professors both. Studying at Hanover I feel welcome, like I'm home.


Location and the teachers are the absolute best attributes characterizing Hanover. We have some of the best recreational wilderness (which also translates into great research opportunities) and the teachers are phenomenal in terms of helping, teaching, and getting a clear sense of where each student needs to head for graduation.