Hardin-Simmons University Top Questions

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The chapel here is amazing. Its a unique experience every time you go.


This school has the best scholarships around. They offered me the same dollar amount as another school I was looking at, except the other school cost $10,000 a year more! If you have done really well in school there are even a few opportunities for full-ride scholarships.


My school is a small, close-knit Christian University. What I appreciate most about HSU is how it helps me to grow in my relationship with my community, peers, professors, family, and most importantly, with God. I had an unfortunate incident freshman year with a overlly controlling/stalking ex-boyfriend and when he attempted (and succeeded) to actually hurt me, my school was quick to respond and help me out. The small school atmosphere was caring enought to help me out in my time of need, and if it were a bigger school, I may not have been so lucky.



This song was written by HSU graphic designer Carlos Macias and his band O' Scarlett. Students Lindsey Snodgrass, Nadine Eugene, Norman Trinh, and Chase Gassaway.


HSU can be described as very small, consertive town, where most of the population are christain background, and above this is only place you will find a lovely faculity that cares and loves you.


Hardin- Simmons is the only school I applied to. At the time I was only interested in HSU but now looking back I wish i would have looked around more to see some more of my options.