Hardin-Simmons University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Many of the residence life authorities are overbearing, and if you ever get in trouble for some reason, they often do not let you explain yourself or give you a fair trial. I made a couple small mistakes because I didn't understand the rules, and they still gave me community service. Also, if you want to date someone, forget about doing it peacefully. Suddenly the authorities are breathing down your neck and are much quicker to punish if you make a mistake. The RAs are often very judgmental about dating also.




I would say the activity on the weekends are very low because it seems as if everyone is home.


it's consevated place, where moslty other race are treated in somewhat level of hate.


The cost, it's a great school, but I think students leave or decide to not attend this school, because the school is so expensive. Finanacial Aid is great, but sometimes we get punished for the littlest things and that gives us financial problems, so it alters our ability to go to school where we want to. We have to settle with what we can afford.


there is nothing wrong about my school