Hardin-Simmons University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Hardin-Simmons University?




The Dorms/On campus living conditions.


The in ability to receive the much needed financial aid for student who actually need the help.


There tends to be a lot of unmotivated unwilling people who do not care about life. Unwilling: By unwilling I mean that alof of people do not want to try new things, to be random, to be crazy. Just the other week we drove through McDonald's naked on our road trip. Funny, a little unkosher, but exciting. I can't think of any other people that would do that besides my roommate and I. Unmotivated: there are lots of oppurtunities here to make money or to advance oneself and people dont take chances.


The cost, trying to go to school and trying to focus on school work gets difficult when you are also worrying about paying bills. Hoping you will have enough money to be able to stay in school, and have somewhere to live as well.


Football games arent that exciting. Mandatory sophmores living on campus. Mandatory chapel credit.