Hardin-Simmons University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love my professors. Each and every one of my professors are passionate about teaching and have catapulted into academic success. For the first time, my favorite part about school are my classes. I owe my freshman year succcess to my great professors.


The best thing about HSU is the student-teacher ratio. None of my classes have had more than 30 students. The teachers know your name before the semester ends, and they really try to get to know you on a personal level.


One of the best attributes of my school is the friendly, welcoming environment. If you don't feel comfortable at a school, you're not going to stick it out or press yourself to work or study hard. You also won't have companions to help you. Hardin-Simmons has a warm atmosphere full of so many energetic, happy people who will gladly be your friend in a heartbeat. I adjusted so much easier to college because of the friendly ambience there.


I'm a ministry majoer so I take a lot of Bible classes. I love thoughs class. They challenge me the most out of any of my class and yet I love it.


The mission of Hardin - Simmons is to provide a great education with skilled professors and a friendly, faith oriented environment. I think that is the greatest thing about this university.


The size of the classes are excellent because if you are lucky you might get 40-50 students in your class


The friendliness and positive interaction between students and staff alike is one of the best things about Hardin Simmons. The campus atmosphere and availability of on campus activities is equally important as well. These qualities are what make my learning experience a much more enjoyable and helpful experience.


I like the size and atmosphere on campus. It allows you meet a lot more people.


There are always friends to make. Even tho the school isnt that large, there are plenty of ppl willing to be a friend.