Harding University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A hard but fun place to learn what you need to know to get a great job.


Being a small, private, Christian school does make it suseptible to many stereotypes and while the majority of those stereotypes are correct there are a few good points.


Harding University strives to be the best it can be while spreading the love of Christ to each and everyone one of the students and faculty members, and in doing so helping students grow in their faith and prepare them to go into the world living for God and sharing His word to all people.


Harding University is place where students can feel low-pressue to fit and they're not only expected to succeed, but encouraged and motivated to succced.


A good place to go for an education with a Christian atmosphere in a highly academic setting.


Harding is a Christian school with more support than you could ask for from fellow students and teachers.


My school is full of fun-loving, amazing people who are concerned with following God and are an encouragement to me every day.


My school is a Christian school that focuses on service.


Harding University is a private school in which students can surround themselves around christians and are able to achieve their goals for there career.


everyone is welcomed.


Harding is a school that is dedicated to not only teach, but to care and build biblical knowledge for each of its students.


A conservative Christian school that is a great place to form lasting relationships and obtain a great education.


My school is challenging but rewarding.


The amazing Christian School, Harding University is full of loving, caring people and many relationships that come together to not only help each other academically but spiritually as well.


A spiritually and christian based school where you will no doubt find the best friends you will ever have in your life who support you and keep you accountable and professors who care about you academically, spiritually and emotionally.


Harding is a place that not only focuses on you recieving the best education and experience they can possibly provide for you, but they also care about growing you as a person in all areas; It is a very personable relationship based school.


Harding is Christian school where emphasis is taken off of "partying" and is instead focused on camaraderie among students, fostering friendships that are deep, meaningful and will last in the years far beyond college.


Harding is a community of Christians that love God and love each other.


I would describe Harding University as a combination of faith, learning and living.




The most amazing place you will ever be at and the most amazing education and friendships we be found there.


Harding is an amazing experience all together , I have matured alot and have grown so much stronger spiritually


Harding is an amazing atmosphere to learn, grow, and to become yourself in.


Harding is a Christian school that places a high emphasis on learning and personal faith; and is a great place to meet awesome, lifelong friends!


H.U. is a great CHristian. environment that allows me to study the career of my choice


My school is a Christian Liberal Arts University, with focuses mainly on spirituality and living a Godly life instead of making it in the real world.


Great Christian atmosphere with good acedemics.


Harding is a very friendy and spiritual school.