Harding University Top Questions

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I am attending school in Rogers for a Degree Completion for Education. It is excellent for non-traditional and working students like myself. I love that I don't have to leave work or change my schedule in order to attend classes. They are also accelerated classes, so most are complete in six weeks. It's intense, but you can get more hours in a semester without feeling like you are completely overloaded.


Harding has one thing I have not found anywhere else: community. While it certainly has ups and downs, I would not choose to be anywhere else within my budget. The friendships you have, the Christian atmosphere that is prevalent, and the teachers that genuinely care are all reasons that make Harding University a wonderful place to go to school. I felt welcomed and at home at Harding, while at other similarly-priced schools, I did not feel the warmth and acceptance.


Harding University is unique because of its location in Arkansas. Arkansas is a rural area. Harding University stands out in the state for providing an opportunity for education. Searcy, because of the presence of Harding University, is now one of the cultural centers of Arkansas.


Christian environment - our classes start with prayer and our teachers really are concerend about us and our futures.


Harding University provides an excellent education with a christian environment. It is a safe environmnet for students who are serious about their studies as well as their religion.


I believe that Harding is unique because of it's faculty. The faculty here WANTS you to learn and grow spiritually AND mentally. They care more about students learning the material and applying it to their lives than they do about grades. The willingness of the faculty to assist students with school or with life in general is incredible and unique.


It's a Christian based University. You can go home on weekends as much as you want. It's a very safe environment. No drugs or alcohol are permitted on campus. We have chapel every morning on weekdays. God is number 1 in all the classrooms.


The Christian environment is something I would not trade. I love feeling close to God and getting an education at the same time.


The Professors here really care about your well being spiritually and intellectually.


Harding has a strong Christian base that ties into ever aspect of your experience here. Everyone attends chapel together, people pray together, and learn together. I don't think I could experience this anywhere else. Its really a treat to be able to learn compisitional drawing or statistics from your professor during the day and then being able to worship with them on Sunday as well. harding is a great examp,e of what it truly means to incorporate faith, learning, and living in an educational environment. The people here quickly become more than faculty and staff. They become family.


Harding University is very relational. That is what drew me to it. Everyone is very friendly and you make tons of genuine relationships not only with fellow students but also faculty. It is practically impossible for me to walk anywhere on campus without seeing someone I know that gives a smile, a hello, or even a hug. It is a great environment for learning and growing as a person. It is unique because you feel accepted and liked from day one.


It's location.


Harding's campus is about 85% Church of Christ attended. The professors are all Christian, and are very flexible, understanding, and care about each student individually. The teachers are all required to have a masters degree and have good knowledge bases. Harding spends a good amount of money on the campus landscaping; it looks good, and is peaceful to spend time around. There are tons of overseas semester programs. The school really listens to the students. Generally, it's very easy to make friends that you'll keep your whole life.


The rules; sense of community


shove their veiws down your throat daily


Again, it has to be the religious focus and friendly environment. I knew I would never feel excluded or isolated coming to school at Harding.


This is a smaller school. I am in my major classes with only 30-40 people as compared to 100-150 for state schools. I am in a Christian environment which really helps when looking for a good core group of friends.


great Christian atmosphere, amazing people who care about each other, good teachers, amazing nursing program.


Most everyone has the same religious background. There are way more rules. There is a curfew. The meal plan is extremely limited, and the cafeteria food is deadly. You can't live off campus until senior year. The teachers are more accessible and caring. There is a mandatory chapel every weekday. There is a dress code for classes.


My schools most unique feature is the family aspect that is generated around campus betwwen all students. the fact that we meet together every day, means that we all know what is going on and get to become closer over time.


At Harding, we have study abroad programs in six out of the seven continents. One of my closest friends is attending HULA which is in Latin America. She will not only study there but also help the communities surrounding the school. There is also a program called free travel. It allows students to experience other parts of the world. There are also mission trips throughout the world. Students are encouraged to go out and help those in need. I plan on going on a Spring Break mission to a Spanish speaking country.