Harding University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who has a kind heart and a passion for learning would fit right in. Since it is a Christian based school, a person who has a strong love for Christ and lives to spread the word of God and live for him each and everyday is what Harding University loves to see.


A person who cares about school and cares about being part of a community. This is not a school for partiers or people who get a thrill out of breaking the rules. You'll learn a lot here and make close friends.


Church of Christ, someone who wants to be a preacher or nurse would fit in well. People who don't smoke, drink, or do drugs are not tolerated. If you have been to rehab then there are a lot here who have went through life experiences as well. People who tend to be socially aquward and need friends.


People who want to learn a lot and get a good education, who are religious and dont mind going to chapel on a daily basis or mind having bible classes.


Any kind of person can attend this school; in addition, this school is a Christian University but I know of some that are not Christians that attend as well.


Someone who is not shy and who is willing to meet new people from all walks of life and also willing to be challenged academically.


A person who wants to get a good education without temptations like drinking and partying. Someone who wants a good Christian atmosphere.


A christian who is not quite readt for the real world and still needs some nurturing.


A Christian with no vices


Any one geared toward achievement should attend Harding. There are so many areas to excell in, that every one finds a place to be recognized.


Any one who is loving and wants to be around a loving group of people should come here. I am confident that I am spending 4 years with the best people I will ever meet. If you are a christian and want to be around people who love Jesus you should come!