Harding University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you do not want to be close to anyone in the student body then Harding is not for you. Harding University is a family. One of the many reasons that I chose Harding is because during the times when life gets in the way you'll need someone there. The night I found out that my Mother, the higher financial provider of my household, lost her job was a rough patch of my Freshman year. I now have the burden of paying for college myself. I knew I wasn't alone because I had shoulders to lean on.


Most definately a Christian.


You will have an awesome time here. Get to know people here. We genuinely care about others. Don't get too caught up in social life. You will be very sorry when you loose your scholarships. It is very easy to let your GPA fall below a 3.0.


You should not attend Harding if you can not deal with their strict and sometimes odd rules such as no long hair, no drinking, or curfew. If you are looking to drink than Harding is probably not the place for you, and it is hard to find off campus housing.


A person who has disdain for religious groups should not attend this school.


If you like to party or drink and do drugs in general do not come here.


I would say everyone is welcomed and encouraged at Harding. Since Harding is a christian university it is required for everyone to take bible classes. I personally love the bible classes offered but for some that might not be for them. Other than that Harding offers most degree programs that other colleges offer but what makes Harding different from the rest is there mission to make sure every student succeeds and are encouraged everyday. The faculty, staff and students all make Harding a great place for learning and growth spiritually, mentally and physically.


If you don't like cold weather, don't come to Harding. Everyone else will love it.


Someone's who thinks college should be about partying and drinking.


People who do not believe in God and want to drink and party all the time.


I dont know a certain type of person that should not attend this school. Maybe someone that is looking for a major that Harding does not provide but other then that I think everyone should come to school here.


The typical Harding University student is white and upperclass. There are more women than men at this school and most of the students have a strong faith in God.


People who don't mind rules and regulations. There is curfew and required chapel every morning. It is a great school with high academic and moral standards. However, the rules can be frustrating after 3 or 4 years.


One that rebels against authority


anyone who has a brain of their own


those who have problems following rules. those who wish to have open experiences with alcohol, drugs, sex, etc and those who are against christianity.


Any one who is in to alcohol and drugs and anti-christian would feel out of place. It's not a good idea to come here if your idea of fun is getting drunk and having sex!


Football players, anyone who likes partying, or anyone who doesn't want to forfeit their right to being a legal adult by having a curfew and forbidden to alcohol/tobacco use, or living on campus in a dorm for four years without the ability to invite the opposite sex inside the dorm.